Have You Heard Of: Lost Girl

Welcome back, fellow nerds! We’re trying something new here at Nerdologists today. Have you ever had that moment where you’re watching a great show or movie or reading a great book and thought, “Holy buckets, this thing is amazing…why is it not more popular?” Well, we sure have. In fact, it’s a pretty regular occurrence around these parts. So consider this new series our way of bringing some much-deserved attention to the awesome yet lesser-known corners of the nerdiverse.

Image Credit: Spoiler TV
Image Credit: Spoiler TV

To start us off, I want to talk about a show I’ve recently discovered — Lost Girl. Peder has seen a good portion of this show’s five seasons, and has been telling me for some time about how great it is. This month, we’ve finally got around to watching it together, and are partway through Season 1. There’s a lot still to be watched, but I’ve seen enough to know that it’s fantastic.

Lost Girl originally aired in 2010 on a Canadian channel called Showcase, and made its way to the US via the SyFy channel in 2012. It centers around the story of Bo (played by Anna Silk), a woman with a dark past, and whose origins are a mystery — even to herself. It’s soon revealed that Bo is a member of the Fae, a magical underworld populated by supernatural beings and hidden in plain sight from the human world. More specifically, she’s a succubus — a creature who feeds off of the sexual energy of humans. She finds out (the hard way, naturally) that when she engages in…certain behaviors with humans, she ends up draining their life force and killing them. Basically, she’s a more smoldery version of Rogue.

Image Credit: Fanpop
Image Credit: Fanpop

Early on, Bo encounters Kenzi (played by Ksenia Solo — if that isn’t the coolest name ever, I don’t know what is), a clever, wildcard human girl she saves from a nasty fate and who latches onto Bo like an adorable, friendly stray cat. They set up shop in Bo’s condemned-barn-style house and form what amounts to a two-woman supernatural crime-fighting team. They’re soon befriended by Dyson (played by Kris Holden-Ried), another member of the Fae — he’s a werewolf/cop who consistently rivals Bo for her smoldery-ness. He helps Bo and Kenzi out of (and sometimes into) all kinds of trouble, and he and Bo quickly find themselves in a complicated friends-with-(supernatural)-benefits relationship.

Image Credit: The Mind Reels
Image Credit: The Mind Reels

If you know SyFy at all, you’ll know that its shows can be pretty hit or miss, but Lost Girl is decidedly one of the hits. It balances great action sequences with skillful character development, special effects that somehow manage not to be cheesy, unique plot elements…and quite a bit of fanservice, which somehow doesn’t feel overdone.

On that note, I will share one caveat — if you tend to try to avoid sexual content in the shows and movies you watch, this won’t be the show for you. We’re not talking Game of Thrones or Outlander levels of that stuff by any means, but there’s definitely enough to give some people pause. I will say, though, that it’s used in a pretty ingenious (and generally not gratuitous) way. Since that element is so much a part of Bo’s character as the source of her powers, it feels relevant to the story whenever it comes into it, and is often an important part of Bo’s character development as she learns to control her powers in order to both use them to her advantage and to keep from hurting the people she loves.

In short, this urban fantasy show doesn’t just tell an interesting story; it has the right amount of depth to keep it compelling and engaging without feeling too heavy. Add in some of the funniest, most complex, and most unique characters I’ve encountered in quite some time, and you have one fantastic show.

So, have you heard of Lost Girl? If so, what do you like the most about it? If not, is it one you’d add to your to-watch list?


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