Wheel of Time to TV

The news is a bit old, but I just came across it. If you are a fan of Game of Thrones and worried about what sort of epic fantasy will be around to watch once Game of Thrones is done, the Wheel of Time Series is likely to fall into that void.

Harriet McDougal, wife of the late Robert Jordan, dropped some exciting news late Thursday: the TV rights to Jordan’s Wheel of Time fantasy epic have been acquired by a major studio.


From the Wheel of Time Google Plus group:


The following is a press statement that has been approved by the studio involved in contract negotiations:

Update: Wanted to share with you exciting news about The Wheel of Time. Legal issues have been resolved. The Wheel of Time will become a cutting edge TV series! I couldn’t be more pleased. Look for the official announcement coming soon from a major studio —Harriet


I’ve personally enjoyed this series more than Game of Thrones. And as long as they don’t spend all the time that the series does getting lost in a ponderous middle, they should be able to turn this into a nice, fairly long running, epic series.

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