Comic Books – Marvel: Meeting the Line-Up (part 2)

Alright, CONvergence week is over. It was a blast, but now time to get to some other heroes (and a day late).

The X-Men

Charles Xavier/Professor X: The most important player in the X-Men world. Charles Xavier, one of the earliest mutants and one of the most powerful, he has had many interesting story lines. Along with his psychic and psionic ability, he is known for trying to help humans and mutants living together peacefully and keeping things from blowing up on him. Mutants generally don’t get a fair shake, and Xavier, originally following the civil rights story line and then going into the issues that Magneto causes and that he has to try and undo the damage that has been done. But he doesn’t give up on mutants but wants to create the safest world for all people.

Wolverine/Logan: Probably the most iconic of all of the X-Men roster. Wolverine, or Logan, is a wild card. He doesn’t follow orders well and he doesn’t get along with people, but he is reliable to come through when he is needed. His story is very tragic. An experimented upon person, he did things that he really didn’t want to do, and for that reason he hasn’t been trusting of authority and while he and Xavier get along for the most part there definitely has been friction, and compared to the other teachers/instructors at Xavier’s School, he has much more latitude to leave for a long time. He crosses over a fair amount between the X-Men and The Avengers roster. He almost literally can’t die, which has been a blessing and a curse of him, and his claws are just cool.

Scott Summers/Cyclops: He’s often considered the leader of the X-men, and in the storylines where Xavier isn’t around, that is generally true. However, he is kind of a push over. As a character, his powers are fairly cool being able to shoot a beam of light from his eyes and not being able to open them without his mask/goggles on. However, he is built up by Wolverine and Jean Grey and the love triangle that happens and then torn down as the most boring part. He is almost too much of a boy scout and has been for a long time. And when he goes to the edgier side of thing, it doesn’t seem to fit with the history of his character as much as one would expect. Much like most heroes, he had a tragic story with his parents dying, but doing so saving himself and his brother, Alex.

Jean Grey/Phoenix: Probably the craziest of the heroes. Jean Grey is possibly more powerful than Xavier with her psionic/psychic ability. However, she has an alter ego that is constantly in struggle. It comes across several times in the comics that this cosmic force comes around and Jean Grey goes into full Phoenix mode. The issue with the Phoenix is that it is a force of destruction. While Jean Grey can at times control the Phoenix powers, she is eventually consumed and has eaten stars at the Phoenix and killed off planets doing so. She often uses Xavier’s help to control the powers, but she is a wild card as to what is going to happen.

Storm: Storm is probably the least used out of the previous X-Men, but her powers to control the weather are quite cool.  Her backstory of being the daughter of an African princess and the separation because of the death of her parents and her inability to truly know and control her powers. Eventually she learns on her own and becomes connected with Xavier. She is probably the most stable teacher at Xavier’s School. The issue is that I don’t have that much more to say about her. She is a reliable character who is always going to be up for helping out in a fight and is one of those characters that wouldn’t make sense not to have there in the background, but having a story only about her would be harder to pull off. And if everyone was in a love triangle, it would become stale pretty quickly.

So here is a start to the roster of X-Men. I will definitely come back to talk on Gambit, Colossus, Kitty Pryde and more who have their own interesting backgrounds and stories. Who else from the X-Men do you like?

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