Comic Books – Marvel: Meeting the Line-Up (part 3)

Let’s roll with some more heroes.

Doctor Strange: A brilliant and proud doctor gets in a car crash and becomes Sorcerer Supreme. But it’s not quite that simple, first he has to become a broken man, no longer able to do surgery because of shaking in his hands, he eventually gets pulled into becoming the new Sorcerer Supreme. Doctor Strange is one of those secondary characters that hangs out in the comics with the Illuminati along with Professor X and Tony Stark also other members and also hanging out with the Avengers. He does have his one big bad guy whom he fights. Dormammu is an extra-dimensional being whom Doctor Strange comes up against and who generally wants to take over whatever dimension he is currently in.

Ant-Man: This is one of those characters that is slightly confusing since there are a couple different versions. There is Hank Pym the brilliant scientist who helps the Avengers with problems that require scientific work and has helped contain the Hulk and many bad guys. And then there is Scott Lang, a criminal who often uses the ant-man suit for many more undercover things. Ant-Man currently is Scott Lang (or was as of six months ago) and the stories often with Lang focus around his redemption. He generally is pushing himself to become better, faster, stronger, and to help people after he has previously hurt people and spent time in jail. Again, people will probably recognize them as part of the ensemble in the Avengers.

Hawkeye: Hawkeye most people will recognize the character from the Avengers movies. Hawkeye in the comics is still just a human and still just shoots arrows. He also has a great comic book series where it was about Clint Barton as a normal human and not trying to jump into the crazy world of massive world ending events. In the comics he doesn’t actually have a family like we saw in Age of Ultron, but instead of interested in the Mockingbird, but that relationship becomes strained and changes over time.

Image Source: Go Comics

Image Source: Go Comics

Black Widow: Another one of those Avengers movies characters that people will know. But Black Widow has a very interesting history. She was a creation of the USSR, and there are a lot of issues because of that and her world is about killing and being part of the normal world it odd for her. She has love stories that touch on Daredevil and Hawkeye, but she is too transient to really stay in one place for too long. Again she mainly plays as a secondary character in Avengers, but has had some of her own stories as well but does much of the black-ops for the Marvel universe because there isn’t anyone else who can really do what she does.

Daredevil: As a boy he is blinded when a vehicle crashes as he is saving a person from the vehicle. However, radioactive material splashes on him, and he loses his sight but it gives him powers as well, basically a radar sense. Growing up in Hell’s Kitchen, after he is blinded, his father is killed when he refuses to throw a fight, by the mob. Daredevil, Matt Murdock, then takes it upon himself to clean up the Hell’s Kitchen area of New York, but he regularly has to take care of corruption and mob influence that takes over. Daredevil has a couple of villains in particular who he deals with, the biggest is The Kingpin. The Kingpin is a giant strong man who runs the mob in the area and other mobsters are scared of him, and Bullseye, who is kind of crazy.

Image Source: Complex

Image Source: Complex

Black Panther: From Wakanda, he was the prince in the land, and was forced to take over as a king when his father is killed. Wakanda is known for being secretive and for having amazingly strong and hard metal that they try to keep it from the rest of the world, what people don’t know about this African nation is that it is very advanced technologically. Black Panther is their countries legendary fighter who protects their people. But as the world is advancing, Wakanda can’t keep themselves nearly as separate from the rest of the world, and as more people try to get their resources, the Black Panther has to come out and work the the Avengers. He generally works on the fringes and he has very specific standards that he holds himself to.

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