Comic Books – Marvel: Meeting the Line-Up (part 4)

We are to my final part of this. I could continue for a whole lot longer, but I only have so many more that I know about.

Gambit: Gambit is just awesome in my opinion. He is the raging Cajun Remy Lebeau. He is one of the X-men, but has also branched out to lead his own team at certain points in time. But his past is pretty shady, he was a member of a thieve’s guild and his past comes back to haunt him from time to time and he struggles with being good.

Kitty Pryde: Another X-men, she plays a huge part in a lot of the X-Men stories. She is also known as Shadowcat. That name comes into play with the fact that she can shift through solid material, which makes for some interesting scenes and her falling through the floor in a compromising position.

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Luke Cage: Cage runs in Hell’s Kitchen most of the time and is fights in the grittier part of the Marvel universe. His skin is nearly impossible to break which makes him one of the toughest characters.

Jessica Jones: Another character who can be nearly invulnerable at times. She runs in Hell’s Kitchen as well, and has super strength. She also ends up married to Luke Cage. This makes for an interesting dynamic at times, especially after they have a child.

Iron Fist: A master of mystical kung-fu, he can punch anyone out. He partners up with Luke Cage a lot of the time in Hell’s Kitchen.

The Guardians of the Galaxy: My biggest suggestion is to just watch the movie. Peter Quill is their partially human leader. The group he leads is fairly questionable with Gamora, Drax, Rocket Raccoon, and Groot. They are really a rag tag bunch and they tend to be a little more comedic.

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Captain Marvel: A human who was affected by DNA of the Kree (and alien race). She gains super powers, in that she is faster, stronger, and can fly. Taking up the mantel of one of the Kree, the current Captain Marvel, is Carol Danvers who has a really big fan following.

And last but not least…..

Squirrel Girl: Yes, this is kind of tongue and cheek. She can communicate with squirrels. That is her super power. Much like Ant-Man can talk to ant’s, she can talk with squirrels. Yes, it is as absurd as that, but people really love her. She shows up in the New Avengers in the early 2010’s.

Which hero have I missed, there are many, that you really love? I will eventually come back to Marvel to talk about the VILLAINS! But at this point, I’m wrapping up Marvel and moving onto DC’s heroes. If I seem a little bit more cynical about DC, it is because I enjoy their movies less, but I can talk about that in a later post.

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