Superhero Line-up DC Part 1

Continuing on the previous series of articles, we now hop over into the DCU, to meet their greatest heroes.

Image Source: Deviant Art

Image Source: Deviant Art

Superman: The Son of Krypton, and for much of his time, he thought that the last of his race. Sent to earth as a young child, Superman was raised by two human parents before finding out how truly different he was. Superman lives up to his name, in that he is about as powerful as any hero out there. He is the Man of Steel, he can fly, he has X-Ray vision, and is generally pretty immune to most things. So, how do you make an interesting story off of that? I would argue that is where the movies have struggled greatly, it is hard to make that interesting a story when you hero is basically all powerful, but where good Superman stories work isn’t about something being stronger or tougher than him, but someone being able to manipulate him and put him into a situation that isn’t nearly as favorable as he tries to keep make himself appear. As an alien, he just isn’t completely sure of his place in humanity and often anointing himself the protector of humanity he gets himself into troubles because he can’t live up to the level of good that he and society hold him to.

Batman: Probably more famous than Superman, Batman is the terror that flaps in the night… wait, that’s Darkwing Duck, but Batman is the Dark Knight, he considers himself outside the law, seeing governments become corrupt, and he brings justice to the bad guys, often by sending them off to jail, but he is able to operate outside the law. In the real world he is rich kid Bruce Wayne whose parents were killed in front of him as a young kid. He has used that to fuel his desire to clean up the streets of his Gotham and turn it the great city that his father wanted it to be. However, Batman seems to attract villains (it would be boring if he didn’t), and he attracts the real crazy villains. Batman, at times, can be a fairly straightforward character, but his villains are unparalleled in either DC or Marvel.

Image Source: Wikia

Image Source: Wikia

Wonder Woman: She is a princess on her own island and part of the race of Amazonians. Her race and lineage are based off of that of Greek mythology. She leaves her island after an airplane pilot crashes there and needs help to be taken back to civilization. Once in humanity as a whole, she realizes that she can do good with her lasso of truth and bracelets that can deflect bullets. She strives to provide justice not as much through violence and destruction but through reconciliation, or at least she did originally. My experience with Wonder Woman is primarily based out off Justice League and most interesting when she is part of the group. I’m sure that she has some very good solo adventures, but many of her villains are Justice League villains, or not that great in terms of villains.

Green Lantern/Hal Jordan: I’m specifying which Green Lantern, because there are several of them. Hal Jordan was an airplane pilot and a bit of a thrill junky. His life was a struggle though as he followed in his father’s footsteps as a pilot, facing the demons that came along with that since his father has passed away in a plane crash. That didn’t stop Hal Jordan, but his life changed when an alien crashed onto Earth and was dying. He passed on a green ring to Hal which turned him into the Green Lantern. The Green Lantern is a major player in the whole DC Universe, going far beyond Earth, fighting other alien races, and struggling the skirmishes between the different lantern colors. His stories often are the Earth or Universe shattering events, and a lot of the time in the larger cosmic and DC Universe events that involve all the characters, the Green Lantern is one of the main players.


That is just a start on superheroes from DC. Are you looking forward to the Wonder Woman movie?

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