Super Hero Line-up Part 3: Teen Titans

Super Hero Line-up Part 3: Teen Titans

I’m finally getting back to some super heroes. Tackling a fun team of heroes this time, the Teen Titans.

Image Source: Watch Play Read
Image Source: Watch Play Read

Robin: Yes, this is Batman’s Robin, Dick Grayson. He is the leader of the team, and generally quite serious about that what they do as a team. He is probably better known as Batman’s sidekick, but through Teen Titans and other iterations, he has started to make a name of himself.

Cyborg: Cyborg is a genius, being made that way by his parents. However, when things break down in a laboratory experiment that his parents are doing, and his mother dies and he is injured, he becomes the man/teen that is part human and part machine. He joined up with the Teen Titans because like him, they weren’t normal, and they didn’t have a normal existence.

Starfire: An alien that has come to earth, Starfire, was a princess on her home planet and set to take over as a ruler, passing up her older sister. Her powers are based around the fact that she can absorb energy and then use that to fly. She is extremely friendly, too a fault, which makes for interesting situations for the Teen Titans since she does not fully understand human interactions.

Raven: Raven is the daughter of the demon Trigon, her mother was not a demon, however. This gives Raven an unique set of abilities.  Her father wanted to convince her to join him, and as she understood that was happening, she fled to Earth and joined the Teen Titans. Her abilities are magical in nature, and she can open doors between dimensions, realities, and perform many other forms of magic.

Beast Boy: Beast Boy can turn into many different creatures. He is, I would say, similar to Spiderman, in that he falls into the category of characters who are often relied upon for comic relief. Like Cyborg his parents kind of screwed him over, he was traveling with his parents while they were studying a type of green monkey, he was bitten, and gained the ability to transform.

This seems very short to touch on each of the characters, and while they do have arcs and stories of their own that you can check out, I wanted to focus on the aspect of the Teen Titans and the different iterations that come. Currently the television version of the show is very chibi and cute, that teaches you lessons that you should never learn. However, they had an animated series earlier in the 2000’s that was quite serious.

Also, there is a difference in the comics now and what I listed above for members of the Teen Titans. The ones that I have listed are the classic members of the Titans, but now Nightwing, Donna Troy, Flash, Tempest, and Omen are members of the Titans. Like any super hero group, they change who is in them fairly often, however, there are always some who are considered to be the classic members. They have a number of different bad guys whom the fight out of their tower in Jump City.

Image Source: Convergence/Us
Image Source: Convergence/Us

PS. Here’s us as Beast Boy and Raven.
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