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As the second season of Killjoys has just wrapped up and the upcoming third season has been announced (huzzah!!), it seems like a great time for a review! Pretty much right when it aired last year, Killjoys found a place on Peder’s and my list of favorite shows, and it’s continued to be every bit as awesome as it was at the start. Peder mentioned it briefly in his post about great sci-fi shows, and I thought I’d take some time to go a little more in-depth.

Image Credit: Subscene

Image Credit: Subscene

Killjoys is a SyFy channel show that’s set in a distant galaxy, where a civilization of humans lives on a four-planet system called — fittingly — the Quad. The principal characters are Dutch, Johnny, and D’Avin, a trio of bounty hunters who work for the Reclamation Apprehension Coalition, or the RAC. The RAC is the organizational equivalent of a chaotic neutral-aligned character — they’re out for whatever is in their own best interest, whether or not others consider their methods reputable. The RAC’s primary function is to put out warrants at the request of high-paying customers. The warrants might be anything from a request to play escort the surrogate mothers of one of the nine royal families of the Quad to a request to carry out a hit on a seditious criminal. And, as one might expect from an organization with such…diverse interests, it soon becomes clear that there’s more to the RAC than meets the eye.

Similarly, Dutch, Johnny, and D’Avin might be the “good guys” of the show, but they come in many shades of grey. Dutch works for the RAC both as a way to use her razor-sharp assassin skills and as a way to escape the past that keeps coming back to haunt her. Dutch and her best friend, Johnny, start out as bounty-hunting partners who work together flawlessly, but when D’Avin, Johnny’s estranged brother, teams up with them, their small world aboard Dutch’s ship, Lucy, is dangerously shaken. Like Dutch, D’Avin comes with a mysterious past — but his tends to come back in the form of violent blackouts, the cause of which even he can’t guess at. Dutch and Johnny soon find themselves trying to keep each other safe from D’Avin, and D’Avin safe from himself. As the three chase down warrants together, they try to figure out what happened to D’Avin to cause his blackouts, and what it might mean for all three of them.

Image Credit: The Mary Sue

Image Credit: The Mary Sue

Killjoys is a fast-paced, gritty, and extremely addictive show. For those of you who don’t tend to like shows with lots of violence, I’ll say right now that this might not be the one for you. And it’s pretty close to my threshhold, I’ll admit, but the story is so good that it’s well worth a few cringes along the way. The characterization is great — the characters are believable and easy to root for, and I can’t get enough of them. And the setting is everything a sci-fi show should be — just similar enough to our world to be relatable (and scarily prescient, as sci-fi is wont to be), and just different enough to stretch the mind and fulfill those space-cowboy daydreams we all know and love. If you’re any level of sci-fi fan at all, I would highly recommend adding Killjoys to your to-watch list!

So how ’bout it? Are you hoping to watch Killjoys? Have you seen it already? What are your thoughts? Share with us below!

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