Dungeons and Flagons Episode 47: Back to the Barony

It’s a normal Lieth Barony Episode! It’s a bit of filler, some shenanigans and some exposition. Tate finds more about the mask, they almost lose Shavaka, and Tate tries to land on Shavaka’s shoulder.

The audio is a bit rough on this one, we are trying to get peoples volume levels closer, so I was messing around with one thing to help pull that together. I think we are getting better in terms of the initial recording, so hopefully I’ll have to mess with it less.

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The World of Dungeons and Flagons!

The World of Dungeons and Flagons!


Our players are:

Ashley – Nimrose the Wood Elf Monk

Kristen (@Kefka73) – Finja the Human Paladin

Clint – Tate the Halfling Bard

The DM:

Peder (@TheScando)


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