Eating Nerdy – Ghostbusters

Back again for another attempt to make your tastes buds tingle with anticipation as you plan  your next nerdy themed meal. This time we are going with a cult classic movie(s) of Ghostbusters and the new fun board game that has come out. How would you make a meal for this supernatural story?

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Booze for mixing

Jello Shots

For something like Ghostbusters, I’d recommend creating the brightest green drink that you can. The slime (and Slimer himself) are the inspiration for the drink part of the meal. The brightest green that you can get, the closer you are to actually getting slimed, like in the movie for the game. And with Jello shots, you are taking it to a whole new level for better or worse. Now it is actually closer to the slime.


Deviled Eggs

This is a callback to early on in the first film. Now you’re trying to remember the scene with deviled eggs in it (or you’re hungry), but there isn’t one. It’s a callback to when Dana first encounters the ghosts and the supernatural and the eggs on her counter start exploding and frying. It’s also just an excuse to make deviled eggs, a food item that requires too much work to be made often, but is oh so tasty (in the humble opinion of the author).

Main Course:

Hot Dogs with all the fixings


Fruit or Veggies and Dip

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Again, I’m focusing in on Slimer. He pops out of the hot dog cart and that’s the inspiration for this one. If you do hot dogs right, you can make it into a fun main course, but you do need to have all the fixings. I’m talking about sauerkraut, mustard, onions, relish, pickled jalapeno, and if it still existed green ketchup. But since green ketchup doesn’t exist anymore, you’ll just have to go with plain old ketchup. To get that correct green feel to the meal and the true green Slimer feel, there is relish that is about the greenest/weirdest thing that you’ll see. Go with that stuff. We’re talking about Ghostbusters here, so keeping it paranormal (and possibly radioactive) when it comes to the relish makes it right. Chips and fruit or veggies are basically there to make it so you aren’t eating only hot dogs because according most people, hot dogs by themselves aren’t a complete meal.


Whoopie Pie

Was there really a question as to where the meal was going to end? There shouldn’t have been, a giant marshmallow, Stay Puffed, to end the first movie that explodes everywhere into marshmallow fluff means you have to have a marshmallow dessert. Instead of doing something easier like S’mores (which would have fit along with the theme of the meal which is kind of camping now that I see it), a whoopie pie gives you something different. Two chocolate cookies with healthy marshmallow fluff sandwiched in between might not be how the movie ends up, but you know all of them were thinking it.

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How would you make a Ghostbusters themed meal? Are there some of your favorite scenes that you would draw upon, or would everything have an unnatural green hue to it thanks to Slimer?

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