Happy Nerdy New Year! (Part Peder!)

We’ve completed our first full year of Nerdologists! Sure, that was really a year in October, but here we ended up with a full calendar year of Nerdologists. It has been a lot of fun, so here are some of my nerdy highlights.

  1. Going to AcadeCon. This was my biggest highlight, I got to meet so many people whom I listen to their podcast and talk with on twitter and to actually meet them was really awesome. Plus I got to play in some games.
  2. Playing in the Star Wars RPG at AcadeCon was really cool. I really love Star Wars and getting to play in that system was great at AcadeCon.
  3. Going to Fantasy Flights store for the first time was fun. I really want to go there and play games sometime this year.

    Image Credit: Game Base
  4. Pandemic Legacy! Playing through that with Kristen and some friends was a huge highlight of nerdy stuff this year. It was a ton of fun and we’re wrapping it up tomorrow!
  5. Running Dungeons and Flagons. The quality has gotten better, and I think we have gotten better at our game. I feel like I know what I’m doing better telling interesting moments for the players to go through and we can create a really fun story together.

Now, there has been more stuff I’m sure I could come up with that has been nerdy fun this past year. But what do I want to do going forward that is nerdy.

The World of Dungeons and Flagons!
  1. Sea Fall is going to be fun this year, a new Legacy game to play.
  2. More playing games at Insight Brewing. It’s a lot of fun to play outside of our house.
  3. Run some Star Wars RPG trilogies for the website.
  4. Work on my own D&D setting/classes and maybe start to run a game there
  5. Go to AcadeCon 2017! (You should too)
  6. See if I can find a local Twin Cities gaming con to go to.
Image Credit: The RPG Academy

Alright, that seems like a lot of things to do this year, and I have so many more that I want to do. It’s going to be fun to see what nerdy adventures Kristen and I get into, and hopefully we’ll run into some of you along the way or make new friends for Nerdologists!

Happy 2017!

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