Gamer Goodies: Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime

Happy Valentine’s Day, ya nerds! I hope it’s been a great one, whether you spent it with a loved one or used it as a good excuse to treat yo’self. In honor of this lighthearted, lovey-dovey day, our topic tonight is a game that fits that description perfectly — Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime!

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This is another one of Peder’s and my favorite finds for our Xbox One so far. Like Monkey Island 2LiaDS is free with an Xbox Live account (as of this month!), and also like MI2, it’s way more fun than a free game has any right to be. It’s a simple, sweet little game with a fun, cutesy aesthetic — but don’t let that fool you into thinking it’s easy! You’ll need every bit of your teamwork skills to make your way through this game.

As the name suggests, LiaDS is set in a cartoony space world. As the game begins, an adorable bunny tells you that though the universe is full of love, a bunch of monsters have come to spread a mysterious and dark power known as anti-love throughout the galaxy, imprisoning the galaxy’s adorable denizens in the process. It’s your job, as the lovers, to defeat these monsters and stop the spread of anti-love so that love can fill the universe once again!

As I mentioned, the gameplay in LiaDS is deceptively simple. You (and up to three fellow players, if you choose) control a round spaceship that has four guns, a shield, and other interchangeable features. You must fly your ship through the galaxy to free the cute creatures that the (also cute, tbh) monsters have trapped so that they can create portals that will take you to fight the next boss monster. After defeating each progressive challenge, you reduce the threat of anti-love, and you strengthen the power of love — and, most likely, your ability to work together with your fellow players.

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You can play LiaDS by yourself, or with up to three friends. Peder and I have only tried the two-player version (naturally), so we can’t speak to any of the other configurations, but we find the two-player version to be a nice balance of challenge and fun.

LiaDS is one of those games that anyone who considers themselves a gamer of any variety will enjoy. It’s great when you want something fun and not too stressful, and is also a wonderful choice when you’re looking for a co-op game that gives all players involved a chance to shine. Add in adorable moments, fun and colorful backdrops, and ridiculously cute characters, and you’ve got a game that just about anyone is sure to love!

Have you played Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime? Did you enjoy it as much as we do? What are some other great co-op video games you’ve played and loved?


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