Nerdologists Present: The Trilogies Tatooine Troubles Part 3

Image Source: Star Wars

As I’ve been teasing for a little bit, we are doing Star Wars trilogies. Using the Star Wars RPG system created by Fantasy Flight Games. So this is the first part of the Trilogy of Tatooine Troubles where we have a group of Bounty Hunters taking on a mission. Jason, Scott, and Sam (who did a guest article on Magic the Gathering back a while) were the players this time around.

Image Source: Order of the Gamers

First, I would like to apologize for the audio, it isn’t good. It’s actually very unacceptable. With new players, I turned their mics up higher knowing that they wouldn’t be as on top of them as we’ve gotten for Dungeons and Flagons. However, doing that, we ended up picking up a buzzing noise. I’m not sure if it was a projector that was running on the ceiling on the floor below that was causing enough of a vibration or a large Windows update that caused the issues, but there is buzzing in the background throughout the whole thing. I was able to remove it from a chunk of it, but where it was the loudest, there wasn’t much I could do without ruining the audio for our voices. I also then had to adjust the audio so that the volume of all the players would be a bit closer to mine, since I’m used to being on a mic now. So the audio quality is bad, I’d recommend listening to it with headphones as that was the best quality I got was when I was using my headphones and the audio gets worse as it goes as the buzzing noise gets louder.

Image Credit: The Geek Flag

With all of that disclaimer in the front, Tatooine, shortly after Episode 3, the Empire is gaining ground and they are always looking for the smartest and brightest.

Join us for the epic conclusion of the Tatooine Trouble trilogy.

After being double crossed on their bounty they take to the skies to bring back the bounty.

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