TableTopTakes: Ice Cool

TableTopTakes: Ice Cool

So, I wanted to get a post out today still, and since I’ve been playing a lot of games, I figured it was time to do a review of a very new game. Ice Cool is a game that recently won a big German award for best kids game of the past year. But, you think, I normally reviews big board games, will I like Ice Cool?

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Let’s start with that Ice Cool is. It’s a play on words. It is High School, but for penguins, so it can’t be all that serious. And it’s not, players take turns playing the “catcher” or hall monitor, and the rest are naughty students who are skipping class to try and get some fish. That sounds very silly and it definitely is, add in the fact that it’s a dexterity game where you are flicking penguins around a school, it is great. The board is created from the bottom part of the box, there are five different parts that you hold together with some plain colored fish, and there are doorways that you get to flick your penguin through while you try and run away from the hall monitor.

The winner of the game is the person who has the most victory points. The hall monitor gets to draw cards with victory points in a round by catching the other penguins, and the other ones get it for getting fish. The game lasts a number of rounds equal to the number of players, though the two player rules are different. These cards have either three, two or one points on them. That doesn’t seem super fair, if you randomly draw a three, you are doing way better than someone who drew a one. However, you can use the one point cards to take an extra shot at the end of a turn, so it works out pretty well to allow you to get more points that way, because the first person to collect all three of their first, or if the hall monitor catches everyone, that’s when it ends the round.

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This is a very silly game, and it is a ton of fun. We played three times, and was a blast each time and we got slowly better as we went along. It’s a flicking game that is more about pushing the penguins along and trying to figure out how to aim. Theoretically you can spin your penguin to get them to make a turn in a specific direction, and that may be possible, but we weren’t all that good at it. The game plays quickly and it’s a fun change of a game where people are sitting around looking at some cards as you have to get up and move around so that you can get to the correct side of the table to flick the penguin along and try and get it through a door.

Overall Grade: A

Gamer Grade: C

Casual Grade: A+

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