Your Legacy Part 3

I have a few minutes today, so I decided to revisit making some more games legacy games. Here are a few more games that could be fun as legacy games.

KrosMaster Arena/Quest

Image Source: Board Game Geek

Why it would work: You have super cute minis with unique powers, and you can get more gear and powers as you go along. That makes it fairly simple to build off of so that you can have a legacy aspect to the game. With these characters, there is already the feel of backstory for them, and you’d be able to play with that feeling and create stories going forward around them.

What I’d Change: Well, KrosMaster Arena itself isn’t that great an option, you’d have to go with KrostMaster Quest, which I have yet to play. In the Arena game you are picking teams and fighting and collecting things from the underworld. There is plenty of room for story in it, but the base mechanic of how to win the game would have to become more quest based, and with that then you throw on an overarching theme. You’d also need to adjust how much different things cost in the game because with the amount of gold that you can come across, it might be a bit much.

What I’d Keep: There characters themselves are worth keeping, and the style of them definitely. It’s kind of an anime type look and feel to them, so keep that going. Also, the variable character powers which are nice and balanced seems to work quite well, and the aesthetic of the world is great. You’d just have a different board set-up, probably modular for each game, as you’re either questing to find a certain treasure or defeat a certain villain. That would be awesome to be exploring, and then you trigger a legacy event to have to open up a box… but I’m getting ahead of myself.

What I’d Add: So, as I was saying, it would be awesome to be out questing for certain treasures or clues or things like that, and if you happen to hit the right clue or treasure, bam, you have to open a box and dropped onto the board in the middle of a game is a bad guy. Now your whole plan for the game is going to switch for this time. Now, I’m debating as to how I’d want this game to be played, I think it makes most sense as a cooperative game for 1, 2, or 4 players, where if it’s solo you control a team of 4 characters, otherwise 2 or 1 respectively. However, there is some potential for the game to be not coop simply because the characters are always knocked out, but balancing that out would be more difficult, and to have a good through story you’d want it to be cooperative. I’d also want to have different characters be the focus at different points in time, but I think that would be possible as well. And it would be cool to have beyond the four awesome minis that you’d start out with to be able to find other allies along the way, so much like the bad guy and finding something to have them show up, you could do that with allies as well that people could swap their characters out with.

Would I play it? Yeah, I think that I would, though I’d probably be waiting on reviews with this one. I like the base game of KrosMaster Arena well enough, however, I’d want to know that it didn’t fall into too much of a Seafall trap where it wasn’t laying out the story all that clearly as it went.

Mansions of Madness

Image Source: Board Game Geek

Why it would work: This game is based around solving mysteries, and the story that goes into those mysteries. It would be super simple to make it legacy, just put a large over arching mystery on it. Plus different characters with variable player powers and it’s cooperative, this game is really set-up to get a full legacy treatment if Fantasy Flight games ever wanted to. Plus, it would be pretty easy for them to continue to build upon it. You wouldn’t need to release a whole new game because you could reuse the tiles  so you’d mainly just be adding a few new minis and powers and a new story arc.

What I would change: There isn’t a ton that I would change. I love almost all the mechanics of the game, and the number of playable characters. You’d definitely be unlocking new characters as you go along, so you wouldn’t have your full compliment as you go. Also, you’d want to have a consistent house build that you don’t get in the 2nd Edition of Mansions of Madness now, but that is an easy change. Also, injuries and madness might need to be updated slightly. I love the idea of permanent effects for injuries or madness so if you go insane or get a wound, it would continue with you, but maybe change it from the really bad form where if you went mad again you’d die to if it persists to the  next game there is a lesser version of the madness that gets placed onto your character card, or lesser version of an injury. That way one person wouldn’t be at as much of a disadvantage.

What I’d Keep: Seems like a standard now, but variable player powers, and the mystery story aspect of this game definitely would get kept as well. I love the Lovecraftian theme on it and the style really makes it feel right, so I’d lean into that personally as well. I also like the modular board that you could use across seasons and stories and the smaller mysteries as well. There was some that I’d change about this game, but at the base, I’d keep the core mechanics.

What I’d AddFirst off, overarching plot to the game. When you find certain clues in the houses, they wouldn’t be relevant to your current case, but would be helping progress it over all. So you might not always be facing off against a large monster, some of the games might be investigating the house to find a clue, but of course the cultists and the deep ones that they’ve summoned are going to try and stop you. I’d also add the lesser or healing wounds or insanity so that a character doesn’t completely become unplayable. I’m thinking if I’d make the game easier or not, and I’m not sure that I would, I think maybe just a touch, but you should have a solid number of characters you start out playing as part of your massive detective agency. So don’t get too attached to your characters, because you’ll probably play a few through the story. Also, it would be great if you ran out of characters if you ended up having to open a special envelope that gives you a FBI agent or something like that, which starts out as more powerful, because you’d definitely be able to upgrade your characters as well. So maybe you can only hold a single item, but now you can do really well solving puzzles.

Would I Play this Game: I’d be the first person in line when this game came out. I can just imagine playing it in a dark room, some good mood lighting to give the correct feel for the game and then having the app playing music and telling you story pieces as you go along. It would be freaky fun if done right.

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