Revisit Rewatch Review: Avengers Infinity War Spoiler Edition

Alright, I’m back with a review that is going to be full of spoilers, so you have been warned by the title, you have been warned by this paragraph, and you will be warned by the gif below.

I’ve had time to mull over this film and think about it, I’ve had a chance to talk with a bunch of people about it, geek out about it, and see arguments take place online about what Doctor Strange can do and what he can’t do.

Let’s start by talking about Doctor Strange’s plan to stop Thanos. Strange looks at over 14 million different possibilities and finds one that they win in. Considering that, it’s fairly obvious that Star Lord messing up the plan and getting mad at Thanos for killing Gamora is part of the plan. It’s human nature that Doctor Strange saw and was part of the plan that he could actually control. Most likely, the only situations that Star Lord didn’t end up getting mad at Thanos were ones where he was dead already. I feel like Strange would understand and see that Star Lord is pretty predictable. But beyond that, the part that I found interesting was Strange’s trading his life for Tony’s. Mainly, because how I look at it, he knows that Thanos is a being of his word, he has a specific set of rules he follows (more on this later) and that if he agrees not to kill Tony now, he won’t kill Tony in the wiping out half of the galaxy. Most likely this is important because Tony has to be alive to beat Thanos or play some role in that in the future. Because, I doubt Strange’s end game was to stop the event, but saw that it was inevitable and therefore was cool with it happening if it could be set-up that they’d win later. Hence, why Doctor Strange went against his previous statement that he’d sacrifice Tony Stark or Spider-Man to protect the stone.

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Next, let’s talk some more about Thanos. As I said in my spoiler free review, Thanos has a very well thought out plan for saving the universe, whether or not it’s a good plan or the only plan to save the universe from overpopulation is another question, but it is his fan and his focus. It would have saved his planet of Titan from death, and he wants to save the universe, even if every planet isn’t to the point that Titan was. For this reason, I put Thanos in the realm of Dungeons and Dragons alignment as Lawful-Evil. He works in his set of rules, including sparing half the people, not randomly killing everyone on a planet or playing favorite with races. He kills all but one of the dwarves because they are a threat to him, but it’s a level of mercy for him to spare half of the people. It also comes to keeping Tony Stark alive, because he made the deal with Doctor Strange, he isn’t going to go back on his word when he wipes out half the beings in the universe. I also think this is tied into the depth that he feels like he needs to sacrifice Gamora to complete his mission, but it is a very difficult decision for him. As compared to the comics, I think that he’s the “Mad Titan” not because he’s crazy but because his plan itself is mad. In the comics, he’s more unstable than he is in the movie as he’s trying to impress Death.

That’s a pretty good transition into differences from the comics and the movie. In the comics, the Infinity War is much more of a cosmic event. Not only that, the X-Men/Fantastic Four/Silver Surfer all play into the plan. Doctor Strange is still very key to everything as he appears to be in the movie. The movie also has a very different focus for Thanos wiping out half the beings in the universe. As I was saying in the previous paragraph, in the comics, he’s trying to court Death and get her to fall in love with him. And he has a devil on his shoulder egging him on, literally a devil, not literally shoulder. That wouldn’t have played as well as a film because they would have needed to spend a lot of time setting up Mistress Death as a character and that’s probably too far out there. I think the changes in motivation and lack of some characters is fine for the movie and it updates what was an older comic book. One thing that I’ll be curious about in Avengers 4, and this might be too much of a spoiler, so be warned, is if they wrap up the story in a similar way. Nebula is still alive, and that is key for undoing some of what has happened. I don’t know that they’ll copy it, but it would make sense with the story that they’ve been building.

Now another not so smooth transition, we were talking about Mistress Death before, so let’s talk about death in the movie. Who all is going to remain dead? They “killed” off a lot of characters thanks to Thanos snapping his fingers, and they “killed” off characters with announced sequels. So, obviously not everyone is going to remain dead. That’s the complaint that one friend had about the movie is that these deaths that were supposed to matter so much seem to matter less. I think one can say that Loki is likely dead for a while and anyone who died prior to snap of the fingers probably won’t come back. Simply because someone can try and undo what Thanos did with the gauntlet as an option, and those who didn’t die at the snap likely wouldn’t be undone. Sure, they could keep the gauntlet around, but the power for it is too dangerous and too powerful for one person to have. One guess of mine is that Captain America might get the gauntlet, put it on and be destroyed it while undoing everything, then the gems are split up because of the danger before Loki can be brought back.

Finally, who might be coming for the next movie? Or what might happen in it? One interesting idea I’ve seen and I could see happening is that there are two parallel story lines going on. One being the heroes who weren’t erased are trying to find and defeat Thanos in our universe. Those who were wiped out are either in a parallel universe or more likely trapped in the soul stone and fighting to get out from that. There are some things to hint that might be coming. When Thanos interacts with the young Gamora the second time, the colors are similar to that of the soul stone. The other thing that might suggest that is in the comics Adam Warlock, whom they’ve hinted at, has been trapped/lived in the soul stone before. It seems possible that they’d use him as kind of guide/aid inside the soul stone for an awesome nerd out moment without him having to then also be a character who recurs in the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe). Let me go back to the Nebula comment I made earlier. I feel like if you’re reading at this point, you are fine knowing about the comics for speculation purposes. In the comics, Nebula is being tortured by Thanos, saw that in a different way in the movie, and she hates Thanos, we see that as well in the movies. She’s unstable so won’t fully take on the power of the gauntlet herself, but wants to undo what Thanos has done. I could see them doing something similar to that in the movie, but I doubt it will be exactly the same as in the comics.

Hopefully I’ve given you more to think about with Avengers: Infinity War. I know that I want to watch it again in theaters just to see what I missed the first time. And as, the end credits said, I’m ready for Thanos to return.

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