Dungeons and Flagons Season 2 Episode 12: Fallout

Dungeons and Flagons Season 2 Episode 12: Fallout

Welcome back to season two of Dungeons and Flagons.

Image Source: Wizards

As our adventurers try a daring escape after stealing some books, can they escape the school where Von’thre studied.

The audio isn’t the best on this one, but you can everyone, the balance just isn’t the best because of how the audio set-up was.

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Our players are:

Ashley – Nori the Mountain Dwarf Champion Fighter

Kristen (@Kefka73) – Syldi the Half-Elf Rogue Thief

Clint – Von’thre the High Elf Divination Wizard

The DM:

Peder (@TheScando)

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