Cartridge Capers: Final Fantasy

Cartridge Capers: Final Fantasy

I didn’t grow up playing these old systems or the newer systems, so my knowledge of Final Fantasy going into playing Final Fantasy Mystic Quest first and now Final Fantasy was pretty limited. I did know about their turn based combat and targeting that they use, but that’s about.

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Let me start out by saying that I enjoy that style of combat. I like picking out what skill I want to use and who I want to target and then letting the combat play out. When it comes to real time combat, I’m not as good because I like to figure out a strategy of who I want to attack whom in the game and figure out tactics. Now, a lot of modern party based combat games, think Dragon Age, do allow for some tactical choices, and I spend time, especially before final boss fights, tweaking the combat to how I want it to be, but in the case of Final Fantasy, you get complete control over it, then you just watch a round of combat unfold.

Also interesting in this game is the need to grind. It isn’t something that you see too often in older video games where you have to spend the time leveling your character up before you can take on a boss, it’s generally assumed that you’ll be at the right level by the time you make it to the boss. However, in Final Fantasy you get to grind. That does mean that sometimes the game just sort of stalls and you are doing the same sort of combat against the same sort of monsters over and over again. That is a bit of downside to the game as you don’t get a ton of experience points for certain monsters so you feel like you are stuck in certain areas of the game or going over the same ground again and again.

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Besides the combat in this game, how is the story and game play?

The story is pretty straight forward, you are going around trying to gain various orbs and rescue the princess, but the rescue the princess quest feels more like a learn the game mechanics quest and figure out that you do need to grind some. It sounds like there are more quests in the game, but at this point in time I’m still grinding away. I do like the fact that I get to name my characters and choose what classes they are to build up my party of characters. That means that I can focus it how I want to, though, I feel like having a good blend is going to be what makes the difference at the end of the game.

The non-combat game play is pretty straight forward. You’re running around a map looking for combats. And by looking for combats, I mean having them randomly drop you into one. This can make it a bit tricky at times because you aren’t sure when you are going to find a combat, and depending on the area you are in, you aren’t sure if you’re going to be able to handle the combat. So at times you’ll be running as fast you can to get back to the inn and save the game so that your characters and rest and heal up.

Will I continue to play this game?

While I do find how you get into combat a bit wonky and there is a lot of grinding for XP that you seem to have to do. I do plan on finishing this game. It feels like a classic, it’s easy enough to play, and my party of Dave, Boo!, YaYu, and Gary need to prove that they can actually become capable fighters. It’s also a very relaxing game to play, sure it’s a bit annoying when Boo! is doing melee damage 1 point at a time because I’ve run out of spell slots and then Boo! misses, but all the combats are easy to see what’s going on, and the run away mechanism keeps the party alive most of the time.

It’s a classic, it’s a fun time, and while it might take me a while to get through, I’ve enjoyed my time with it. If you are interested in the Final Fantasy games and want to try the original, it certainly isn’t a bad idea to jump into this game and give it a whirl. And, like I said, it’s not that stressful a game to play. Once you get leveled enough it makes it pretty easy to grind out more levels, it just takes time.

Game Suggestion: Own

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Own: Own it, it’s a classic and fun to play
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