Eating Nerdy – Eureka

Eating Nerdy – Eureka

Kristen and I have been watching through Eureka on Amazon Prime, her for the first time and me after having watched it when it was airing, and I thought it would be fun to go back to Eating Nerdy, something that I haven’t done in a while. Eureka seemed like a good spot, because they do have a number of food related items in the show that you could play off of and it would be a chance if someone wanted to get really fancy to use molecular gastronomy.

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For those of you who might not know what Eureka is, it’s a show about a small town that is full of geniuses and the normal sheriff who has to deal with all of the crazy problems that they cause. There’s never a normal day in Eureka. There’s also a restaurant called Cafe Diem that does crazy foods.



The coffee and the cocktails need to be fancy. Cafe Diem wouldn’t serve just any sort of drink, you would have to use lavender infused simple syrup and with a cardamom whipped cream for the coffee. Cocktails would ideally use some dry ice in them somehow so that you get that smoking scientific effect, and if you want to go all out, you serve it from a beaker. Then you have beer as well for the Sheriff Carter’s of the group who just want a nice and normal drink. This is going to be a theme that you come across probably in most of these, there are going to be a fancy options and more standard options.


Pigs in a Blanket

Okay, so I just went from saying that there would be multiple options to having a single one, but I realized that this is an example of how you can spice up something that seems pretty normal. First, you start by rolling the dough that’s around the hotdog section or better yet Little Smokies (they’re fancier) and adding everything bagel seasoning to them. You can either put together the seasoning yourself or Trader Joes sells that mixed. Then you create a bunch of fun dipping sauces. I’d recommend a blackberry ketchup mix, stone ground mustard, and a balsamic onion jam. Now you’ve taken something that is normal and brought it to the next level.

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Main Course:

Spicy Glazed Carrots
Corn Bread

So another pretty straightforward meal. The spicy glazed carrots I would go with a chipotle and ginger glaze on them. We’ve done something like that at home before, and it turns out very tasty. There are recipes out there that explain the whole process, but thankfully it’s not that hard to do. Then with the meatloaf, it’s pretty plain, but I needed something that would match with the appetizer, otherwise I would have gone a bit crazier with it. However, meatloaf is good because it’s a pretty blank canvas. Think about what would work well with the carrots and corn bread, and then go crazy with the meatloaf. You could lean more into a BBQ and cheese feel or if you wanted to go a bit further afield than a normal meatloaf, you could go with something like a Cajun style meatloaf or Caribbean. The corn bread is going to give you a chance as well to do something that’s more creative by creating a compound butter for it. I’d lean into just doing a simple whipped honey butter and not going too crazy with this as you want it to cleanse your palate between bites, but you could give a few different options here as well, like you did for the Pigs in a Blanket.

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Ice Cream Sundae Bar

Again pretty normal, but you can have a ton of a fun with a lot of crazy toppings for it. Everyone can make their own experiment with various toppings. I’d stick primarily with normal toppings, sprinkles, hot fudge, nuts, etc, but I’d try and find some unique toppings as well that people might not think about. A balsamic reduction/glaze would probably drizzle nicely over the top and paired with raspberries and a little mint would make a very tasty combination and dessert. Have some fun with this and let you creativity run wild as you come up with ideas. Hopefully none of them will cause the world to almost end, and if they do, you’re on your own.

What would you do with a Eureka themed party and meal? Is there something obvious that I missed? I was trying to keep it simple enough that it could actually be done, but weird enough that it would do Cafe Diem proud.

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