Cartridge Capers: Indiana Jones Greatest Adventures

Cartridge Capers: Indiana Jones Greatest Adventures

Do do do dooo.. do do do…. do do do dooo… (and so on and so forth). Because of the property it was for, I had to pick up this game, and I am really pleased that I did. It is a bit more expensive of a game for the SNES, but was very much worth it.

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The game itself is a side scrolling game, but I would call it a fairly easy side scrolling game. There are a few things that you have to figure out with the game, but most of it is intuitive and there are a few fun things. The best part is that when you get a whip, you can use it in certain spots to swing over dangerous areas of swing through water. The speed of the side scrolling and your ability to deal with things pops up means that unless you’re not paying attention, you’ll probably be able to avoid most things.

One of my favorite levels thus far on the game is running from the boulder. With the boulder, there is a fair amount of luck involved as it is rolling after you and you are trying to avoid being squished. However, because you are running so close to the right edge of the screen (going right), you can’t see everything that is coming up, so you almost have to learn where the dangers are so that you can jump at the right times. Now, you probably won’t ever do it perfectly, but you can start to figure out when you might have to jump and what to look for. They only have the traps or monsters along the bottom of the screen and when it’s level. So it took a number of times to make it through it, but it was a blast trying to figure out exactly how to make it work.

Image Souce: JVC

Beyond the actual game play, which I like for it’s level of difficulty, there are some other interesting things. It really leans into the story with cut scenes in the game that are movie stills and then text showing up. That’s a fun feature to the game because you do get that story as compared to some of the other games where it just takes you from level to level. The fact that is part of the movie also makes it fun and makes it feel more thematically tied into the game. Add in a few voice acting cameos from Harrison Ford and Sean Connery there is a nice nostalgia to the game.

So, is this a game that is worth checking out? Grading this out, I would say that this game is a PLAY on the scale of buy, play, or pass. There’s a definite nostalgia to Indiana Jones that makes it really enjoyable and makes me glad that I bought it, but when thinking about it as compared to other side scrolling games like Super Mario Bros., Indiana Jones just isn’t as iconic a game for the genre. If you’re an Indiana Jones fan I think that this can definitely be a buy for you, but generally, I think it’s a fun one to play, and I’ll definitely get back to it, I’m still grinding through Final Fantasy.

Have you played this game back in the day or even recently? Have you tried any other Indiana Jones games, like the one for the NES which sells for around $120 now?

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