This is Halloween: Anime

This is Halloween: Anime

I was having some troubles coming up with animes for this one. There are very few animes that I’ve watched which I’d consider just to be horror or just to be Halloween themed. There are a number of them that have bits and pieces of it, but will then have a focus that goes somewhere else, but I’ve come up with a few that have a bit of that Halloween feel to them.

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Little Witch Academia

It’s about witches, it counts. This show isn’t so much a horror show but gives you that more fun kid focused Halloween feel. It’s about a girl who doesn’t have that much magical talent but really wants to become a witch, like her hero Shiny Chariot. It follows her adventures and misadventures around the school and sometimes deals with deeper things, but often times is just cute and goofy.  It definitely doesn’t fit the horror side of Halloween at all, but still feels properly thematic for the holiday.

Ghost Hunt

This is the opposite of Little Witch Academia, it’s about a paranormal investigator and the high school girl who helps him on the investigations, there are also other people who help as well from time to time. The cases they take on are often quite horrific and they definitely go for some jump scares, but mainly it’s just intense and disturbing. One thing that I really enjoy about this anime is that the cases are fairly short. So instead of just have one off episodes facing off against a monster, you get three to five episodes, but it isn’t isn’t so much that the whole show feels like it’s dragging out a single story.

Tokyo Ravens

I actually wouldn’t recommend this anime too highly because the story is just okay. However, it does fit into the Halloween theme as there are some horror elements in there. It’s about a group of students who are fighting against monsters in the system of their world. The plot is a little bit thin and predictable, however, and it has some of the weirder anime dynamics.

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Blood Blockade Battlefront

Another one that I wouldn’t completely call traditional Halloween. This show definitely doesn’t have the purest horror feel, but in a world where there was a convergence between two worlds and there are crazy alien creatures and humans living together, it does fit into the Halloween theme. It’s also not like this show doesn’t have some weird or unsettling things that are horror like as well. This is a very well done anime, and the story arcs, especially in the first season, are really well done. Probably the best part about the anime is the world that was built. It’s so crazy and so well done. The one downside for me is the build up to the moves, where they announce them and you see it written on the screen as well. The anime is also very pretty to watch as compared to some of the other ones.

Case in point: Excalibur from Soul Eater will take you on a random flight of madness and poorly told stories.
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Soul Eater

Death is leading a school that is going to fight witches, what could be more Halloween? Probably quite a number of animes, but this one does have a few undertones that match up with Halloween. This falls into the same category as Little Witch Academia where it’s much sillier. But it has that goofy kids feeling for Halloween while getting heavier and darker at times. The anime doesn’t end extremely well, but generally is a really fun anime. I would compare it to the heaviness of a movie like A Nightmare Before Christmas, where it can have a couple creepy moments here and there, but generally is more light hearted, and it has one of the better anime characters of all time in Excalibur, he sings with a voice like an angel.

Now, I’m sure there are a ton more animes that I could have mentioned, had I watched them. I thought about D.Gray-man, but the anime is just too long for the amount of story that happens in it, and I might have given up on completing it because I didn’t care that much about what was happening in it anymore. There are other animes that I’ve seen which have some horror episodes are smaller horror arcs, but generally don’t give off a monster,  horror, or Halloween feeling like the animes that I’m looking for in these articles.

What are some of your favorite horror based animes? I know that I’m always looking for more that are good in that genre.

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