Gloomhaven Characters: Quartermaster (Spoilers)

Back with some more Gloomhaven character reviews, this one isn’t one that I’ve played but that another player is currently playing in our game.

Image Source: Cephalofair Games

This is part of a group that we weren’t sure was going to be a great group because we generally all felt like we had more support based characters and without a strong attacking character we wondered how we’d hold up. It took us a little bit to get the characters figured out and really set-up to play them but now the group has become quite powerful.

The Quartermaster has generally become our tank character, though the Sawbones, can be a tank at times. The Quartermaster is the tank because of their ability to manipulate items that they have. So while they might end up having to burn a card or two, as long as they are discarding cards, they generally can keep a full hand. That’s very handy as it allows our group to get going longer and because of that, they don’t always need to be taking long rests and can keep the enemy distracted when other characters might be getting low on cards and need to be taking those rests.

The Quartermaster really shines when it comes to item use. Now, it doesn’t always have to be to get back cards, but by using items at the right time and refreshing the items, the Quartermaster can do a ton of damage. This is probably some of the reason that this character got off to the rough start because without the full compliment of items they can have trouble dealing out that much damage. They aren’t an extremely low damage character, but probably middle level damage character with not many attacks that focus on an area or do other negative effects. Building up that collection of items to make them higher damage or able to hit a larger area makes a big difference, especially as the monsters are a good amount tougher at the higher levels.

Image Source: Cephalofair Games

Generally, I feel like this character is fairly mobile around the battlefield, which you want for a character who can tank. This is especially the case as they aren’t generally the fastest character in terms of going in initiative. We did originally run into the problem with the group of characters, and with the previous group of characters, that we weren’t always the most mobile around the battlefield. I think with this group we’ve focused more in on that which has been quite useful in some scenarios where you need to make it to multiple points or make it in and then leave or even just maps that are spread out the extra movement from the Quartermaster and the other characters has been helpful.

Overall, this seems like an interesting character to play and eventually when coming back to this game or as we unlock more characters, I could see trying this character to see if you could tweak the build in another way that would still use items but might help the party with items more so than themselves and see if the Quartermaster can be more support character.

Complexity: Medium/High
Combat: Medium/High
Support: Low

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