2018 Top 5: Video Games

2018 Top 5: Video Games

One last post for 2018 before we hit the new year, and this time it’s my top 5 video games. I will say that while I do enjoy video games, sometimes it takes me a while to get through them and I don’t play a plethora of them, though I have been playing more classic NES/SNES games, which you can see in the Cartridge Capers post.

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1 Dragon Age
I’m assuming this was my previous #1, and I mean the first two, not Dragon Age Inquisition. The third one is just too open world and there’s something about the point of view that is slightly motion sickness inducing for myself. The first two are a lot of fun though, I like the character progression, I like the random conversations that happen, and I like how you can effect the story but the story is still tightly written and you don’t wander around with nothing to do.

2 Borderlands 1, 2, Pre-Sequel
I really considered this for #1 as well. I’m generally not a shoot-em-up fan but Borderlands does a good job of having a fun enough story and the art work in the game is just amazing. The game doesn’t take itself seriously, and the skill trees that you unlock make it feel like an RPG while having a more tightly directed story than most RPG’s do. Overall it’s just a lot of good and silly fun with a great smack talking robot.

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3 Myst/Riven/Return to Zork/Labyrinth of Time
This was on last years list as well as a huge group. These classic games from the 90’s were all about solving absurd puzzles. Some of them have more story than others, but most of them had the basic premise. You are dropped into this crazy world and you have no idea what is going on or where you are, now figure out how to get out of there. I just like a game that really stretches your brain, and I might have to go back and play some of them as I do own a couple of them, Myst and Riven on Steam. Too many things to do, and too little time.

4 Tales from the Borderlands
I didn’t include this with Borderlands, because Tales from the Borderlands is a 100% different game. It’s basically a choice making game where you watch a story unfold and then as you hit certain points your story can branch out into other areas and go different ways. It has a mechanic that I really love that Oxenfree and Life is Strange does as well, where it shows you your choice versus the choices of other people, so you can see how you differ and can start to see how that shapes your game. And it keeps the humor of Borderlands and the story feels like Borderlands, you just aren’t shooting everything.

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5 Heroes of Might and Magic
This is another game that I think I could just sit back down and play. There is something about turn based games that I really like, and while Alpha Centauri is off the list this year, Heroes of Might and Magic stays strong. The combination of troops you can have, and building up your forces and spreading out in what is basically an area control game is a lot of fun. It helps having memories of massive games of it in college with a couple of roommates.

Of course, there are going to be some honorable mentions as well. One that won’t make that list that I’ve already mentioned is Life is Strange. While Life is Strange is an amazingly well done game, it’s very tough to play through because of the heavy subject matter. There is depth in that game that makes is an addictive and tough experience to play, and while it was thought provoking

Honorable Mention:
Jazz Jackrabbit
Chip’s Adventure
Super Mario Bros
Alpha Centauri

What are some of your favorite video games? Are there any that you think would match the type of games that I like?