Dagashi Kashi – Anime Review

Dagashi Kashi – Anime Review

New year and if you looked at my resolutions, you can see that I already have one of my five anime under my belt for watching a new anime. In all fairness, that was easy as Dagashi Kashi is a very fast watch, especially when you have some lazy evenings and weekends.

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Dagashi Kashi is a classic slice of life style anime. For those not familiar with the term, or who just need a refresher, a slice of life anime doesn’t have the giant overarching story that most any do with likely some crazy fantastical monster or powers in it. It’s simply about the weird stuff that happen in a persons life. Even The Devil is a Part-Timer is a slice of life anime while having some crazy powers and fantastical world, because it doesn’t focus on that, it just focuses on the every day. Dagashi Kashi is like that, except there is nothing fantastical about it, except one of the main characters love of Dagashi .

So, let’s explain the premise, the story is about a small dagashi shop in a small town that is run by Yo, but really run much more so by his son, Kokonotsu. But Kokonotsu really doesn’t want to be running it, he wants to be drawing and working on his manga. Then one random summer day Hotaru, a pretty girl, shows up at their door and she works for a dagashi company and really wants to recruit Yo, but that can only happen if Kokonotsu takes over running the shop. So, Hotaru spends her time trying to get Kokonotsu to stay by trying to get him to love dagashi as much as she does.

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There is one burning question for most people right now, and that is, what is dagashi?

Dagashi is basically penny candy and snacks. Basically it’s the stuff that kids are going to be able to afford with their allowance. There are things like Baby Star Ramen, which are flavored fried noodles, Fue Ramane, which is a candy that you can blow through the middle like a whistle. What is cool in the show is that all of the dagashi are in fact real dagashi that you can get. In fact, Kristen ordered a subscription box, just one as a gift to herself, that has dagashi, because of the show. Also, with the dagashi, they do give some history of it, though at times it is completely random stories that Hotaru tells.

So how is the anime?

It’s very cute. The story and the characters are interesting. Hotaru is a crazy person, but in a good way, the same with Yo. Kokonotsu and all the other characters can be odd as well, but seeing him run the shop and his friends in the town is fun. With slice of life, you just can’t expect a serious anime, because you won’t get it. It’s going to be goofy and fun, and it really depends on how well they do the characters. Dagashi Kashi does a good job with the characters, even the ones who are a bit crazy.

That is what really makes this anime work. If it was just the bits with the dagashi, it wouldn’t work nearly as well. It also works well because of how satirical it is towards other anime and other movies and shows. There are nods to quite a number of things that are fun to catch. They don’t make it worth watching by itself, but them added in is just some extra fun. Without them, it would still be enjoyable.

Now, to wrap this up, I’m not sure this anime is going to be for everyone. Hotaru’s voice in the dub could be annoying for some people, though I find it quite goofy and matching the character, and unless you can get into learning about random dagashi, it might not be the right thing for you. But if you like a slice of life style anime, Dagashi Kashi is definitely a good one, and, like I said, it’s fast. So even if it might not pull you in completely, if you are a completion-ist, you can easily get through it. Overall, this is definitely an enjoyable and goofy anime.