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Nerdologists New Years
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Time for the New Years State of Nerdologists Address

Ladies and Gentlemen, Nerds and Geeks, lend me your beers.

Alright, what’s coming in 2019 for Nerdologists, enough being goofy.

1. The podcast is going to be done for a while. As you know, with having a kid, recording an actual play D&D podcast is going to be a we bit tricky. It also uses up a good chunk of my time for content creation, so I want to free up more time.

2. But we don’t want to lose content from Nerdologists. So we, probably primarily myself with guest appearances by Kristen and others (hopefully), are going to start doing some board game streaming and video streaming content. The equipment is on it’s way. The big reason for this move is because the live streaming means that I don’t have to spend extra time editing.

With this, I haven’t come up with a name for it yet, but let me know your ideas of a solo gaming and board gaming focused video stream. Right now “The Gnat Goes Gaming” or “Dice Chuck Gaming” are a couple of options. But I’m still trying to come up with something, could also just be Nerdologists Presents: Dice Chuck Gaming.

3. You’re not going to see much difference in the amount of articles posted. I’m still going to try and get one up per day during the week. Hopefully with streaming we’ll get some more evening or weekend content, but we still want to turn out a good number of articles for reading.

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4. Hopefully we’ll be getting back to some conventions this year. Personal goal of mine will be to make it to GenCon this year, but there are also cons like CONvergence and AcadeCon that we’ll have to decide if we’re going to make it to them and if it would just be myself or Kristen and myself. Mainly, it’s fun with AcadeCon or going to GenCon being able to play games and see people who have influenced and encouraged me with getting into the hobbies of RPG’s and board games. We’ll see how that goes this year though.

I’m sure that there will be some more surprises along the way for Nerdologists this year. The biggest thing I’m excited to do is the video streaming. It’s a new way to add content and it’s a way for me to play board games solo without me feeling like I’m just talking to myself (though I might be anyways).

Personally, there a number of nerdy things that I’m resolving to do. Including get back to watching more anime, took some time off for some TV shows, just started Dagashi Kashi yesterday. Playing the board games that I picked up around the Holidays that I haven’t played yet, especially Betrayal Legacy. It’ll be a fun time delving into more nerdy things again, and then getting distracted from them by the kid.

What are your New Years Nerdy resolutions?

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