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Anime #2 has been watched this year, first was Dagashi Kashi and now Kristen and I just wrapped up watching Gamers!. So I’m well on my goal of getting five animes watched this year, I’ll probably double it realistically, but five seemed safe in case we jumped back into Fairy Tale.

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Gamers! is a cute little slice of life anime about Amano, a big video game nerd who just loves to play video games and have fun with it. He gets invited by Karen Tendou, the prettiest girl in the school, to join the gaming club that she started. However, that isn’t why Amano plays games, and he declines. The problem is that Tendou is head over heals for Amano and the anime follows their relationship as it grows and the meddling of Tasuku, a closet video game nerd, who befriends Amano and tries to help him with his girl problems.

It’s a slice of life anime that focuses on those main characters as well as Aguri, Tasuku’s girlfriend, and Hoshinomori, another girl in the school who is also a huge gaming nerd who just loves video games, but not competing like Amano does. It really focuses on Amano and how Tasuku tries to help him get out of his shell so that he can be part of society. There are all sorts of crazy twists and turns and everyone tries to figure out who likes whom and who to try and set-up together.

What this isn’t is a gaming anime. A more traditional gaming anime like Sword Art Online or Overlord focuses in on the game that is being played. In this anime, though it is called Gamers!, it’s about the people who play the video games and their relationships versus the actual games themselves. The games are really there to bring the characters together, if you go into it thinking it’s going to be about some epic game or focus in on a game every episode, you’ll be disappointed. But what it does, it does well. It really focuses in on the relationships and how gamers aren’t always the best at talking relationships through and saying what they mean. So there are lots of misunderstandings about what is going on and who likes who, it’s a real Comedy of Errors.

Image Source: My Anime List

Now, is it a great anime? I don’t think so, I don’t think it would likely even hit my honorable mentions list when I do my top 5 (or 10) anime at the end of the year. But it is definitely enjoyable. The characters are all quite sweet, so you don’t have the traditional antagonist in the story. Each character, is, in some ways, their own antagonist, as they struggle through relationship drama. Also, with the relationship drama, it’s never heavy or overbearing drama, it’s almost always the case of someone thinking something that isn’t happening and it just works quite well.

So, would this be an anime that I recommend to people? If they are looking for an anime with a cute story line and some fun characters, it’s a good choice. There is a bit of fan service, heavy fan service in the finale, but for reasons you’ll understand if you watch the anime, so it does a solid job of not going too over the top. This isn’t a thinky anime and it isn’t an action anime, so if that’s more your thing, this one is probably going to seem too fluffy and simple for you.

If you’ve seen Gamers! what are your thoughts on it?

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