Malts and Meeples – Pandemic Legacy Season 1 – January

Malts and Meeples – Pandemic Legacy Season 1 – January

Good morning everyone. Last night I went live again, this time starting my play through of Pandemic Legacy Season 1.

Pandemic Legacy, if you aren’t familiar with it, is the same as the base game of Pandemic, at the start. However, as you go along, your board changes based on what happens in previous games, and new rules are added from time to time.

Image Credit: Game Base

I thought that this would be fun to try playing solo because there aren’t solo rules for it. However, since all the information is known, there is nothing to say that I couldn’t run two characters at the same time and try it out that way, and that’s what I’m doing.

Join me as I play through Pandemic Legacy Season 1. I’m going to try and stream most Wednesday evenings, but as you can see, I also jumped in on a Tuesday. Keep on eye on my twitter – TheScando – for announcements as to when I’m going live and what games and content will be coming out.

Yesterdays beer was Pryes Main Squeeze, a lemon and lime blonde ale. This beer was new to me this year, not sure when they originally came out with it. But it’s a lighter beer, which most blonde ales are, and with the lemon and lime added, it makes it taste like a summer beer, which is what I’ve been wanting now.

I look forward to seeing you there next time as I try a new beer and to beat the next game of Pandemic Legacy.

Bottoms up!