Book’em Nerdo: Artemis Fowl

Book’em Nerdo: Artemis Fowl

So, I’m doing a reading challenge, and one of the prompts that I had was a book that going to be coming to the silver screen. I decided it was finally time for me to read Artemis Fowl, and I did that over a couple of evenings as it’s a very short book. But as compared to some YA/middle grade books I’ve seen as of late, I thought it was really enjoyable.

Artemis Fowl follows the main character as he, as a child tries to bring his family back into the good graces of the criminal world and show that they are still a force to be reckoned with. To do this, however, he has to find a faerie and get their gold. Thankfully, he’s a genius and no one suspects that he knows about the faeries. Of course, things don’t go as easily as he’d hope or as easily as the faeries would hope.

This was a really fun book to read. All of the characters were interesting and enjoyable to read about. The main character wasn’t someone you were supposed to just imagine yourself as, so he was fleshed out quite well. And while I would say that possibly some of the secondary characters were just as interesting as the main characters, they didn’t overshadow them. It’s really a pet peeve of mine when the main character is just a blank slate that stuff happens to and around and you’re supposed to feel like you could be the main character, but really the author just wrote a boring character. Eoin Colfer doesn’t do this, and that actually makes the main character more relatable because they seem more like an actual person, at least for me, reading it at an older age than the target audience.

I like the twist that Colfer puts on the faerie world as well. While there are a bits and pieces that are clearly taken from more traditional fae lore, we get to see a developed world, but one that is in such a way that it changes things up a lot. I don’t want to go into it too much because it is a bit of spoiler as how it works, but you do get a nice and diverse cast of fae creatures. And I think that the take on dwarves, while maybe not my favorite, is really unique and fun to see it handled it in such a different way. Now, there are bits and pieces of how it is shown that is a bit juvenile, but I didn’t expect it to handle dwarves the way that they did. And, yes, I realize dwarves are technically not faeries, but they get lumped into that world in this book.

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I really don’t have a point in the book where I don’t enjoy it. Maybe the dwarves, but again, it wasn’t what I expected, so that was interesting to see the twist. It also drew me into the world so it was easier to overlook something that might not be my favorite. I do think the the book is pretty simply written. Yes, there are a few twists to it along the way, but you generally expect things to end up the way that they do. And when all is said and done, they do, but again, it’s a book for young and middle age readers, so you kind of expect the story to be a bit more simplified. Probably another topic for later, if books need to be simplified as much as they are for that age of reader, probably not, but I do think that Artemis Fowl doesn’t drop down to the level that a lot of young adult and middle age books do.

So, there are more books in this series, do I want to read them? That’s a great question, and one that I’m not sure I know the answer to yet. Like I said, I did this for a reading challenge, while I enjoyed the story a lot, I’m not sure I need to read more of them. Some of it is that simplified story, and because I’m reading another series that is heavily fae focused in the Dresden Files. Now, obviously the level or reader they are written for is massively different, so probably not a fair comparison. I think that I’d go back to the series, and I think that it’s a good series for the age range it targets. However, I’d probably go back when I just want to read through some quick and short things, it won’t be a series that I’m actively seeking out.

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