Friday Night D&D – The Devil’s Maw

Friday Night D&D – The Devil’s Maw

We are back for our regular Friday special, looking at a grim world where hell has come to earth. But it’s not all bad or is it?

A portal from the abyss has opened up a few generations ago in terms of humans, and probably pushing it for some elves if they were around when it happened. Obviously, crap hit the proverbial fan and the nations banded together.

Image Source: Troll And Toad

Now, there is a no way known to close to the Devil’s Maw as it’s known, but it’s turned the civilization into something that more closely resembles a steampunk world, but while there is some steam, it’s also based off of runic magic where they can harness different aspects of the Devil’s Maw to power the vehicles and contraptions.

The demons are also being held kind of at bay, but that’s still a fulltime job that the heartiest are recruited for. It’s a glamorous position, but not a long lasting one with the heat from the maw and the constant fighting. Meanwhile, the cities around the maw are the opulent places where the rich live and like to brush elbows with heroes who have survived fighting the demons.

I’m thinking that this is going to be a pretty rich world. With the world, I think there are a number of ways that you can do a story. The obvious choice would be that the demons somehow are slipping out and now the players have to deal with those rogue demons that are attacking from another direction or unexpected direction, and then try and plug that whole where they are slipping through.

Image Source: D&D Beyond

However, I personally think it would be more interesting to run a conspiracy sort of game. The players catch wind of some dealings that seem shady, but they don’t know how shady. Eventually, it would lead to something big where the players are finding out that the Devil’s Maw could actually be closed, but it would cause all the runic magic to stop working. So, is it worth, whatever the cost is to keep it open, besides keeping back the demon hordes? That would be the big question for the players before the last mission, probably some sort of infiltration mission.

This setting does have one interesting thing. With the runic magic, I personally think that you could create another wizard subclass or it’s own class where they use “magic”, but that magic is mainly done by creating runes. It would be an interesting playable character since that is going to be something that maybe you are known for it. I had at one point in time started developing my own class for it, but there’s still a ton of work to do with that, I should probably go back to it at some point in time and then release it somewhere. I’m also seeing what’s already available on the Dungeons Masters Guild to see if there are options or things that I can tweak for my game.

Anyways, what do you think of the game ideas and the setting? Is it something you’d be interested in building a game in?

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