Malts and Meeples – Pandemic Legacy Season 1 – Game 7

Join me again as I come back and try and win Pandemic Legacy Season 1 with style.

If you aren’t familiar with Pandemic Legacy, it’s based off of the game Pandemic from Z-Man Games where you are trying to cure four diseases. However, in this Legacy game, things change and you might not be able to cure a disease, the board might change, rules might be added, or cards might be destroyed. More information can be found on Board Game Geek.

And what about the malt on last nights Malts and Meeples. Last night it was a Raspberry Blood Orange Fruitsicle from Odd Side Ales. It’s an interesting beer, a bit sour from the raspberry to start, and then finishes with a sweet orange flavor. I wish it was a bit more tart overall, but generally, it was quite refreshing.

Bottoms up!