GenCon Preview – Top 10 For Sale Games

GenCon Preview – Top 10 For Sale Games

Last week I did my top ten demos that I’m curious about at GenCon, so now with GenCon officially two days away (though, there are some things Wednesday), let’s talk about games for sale that I’m interested to check out. Keep in mind, this is prior to the Fantasy Flight In-Flight report, where they might announce something I’m interested in for demo or for sale.

Ten – Skull Tales: Full Sail! – A pirate themed game is interesting to me, as I’m on the lookout for a good one, aka not Seafall. This one seems to have a lot going on with it, and the semi-cooperative nature is definitely interesting to me. I want to see how they implement it before I make much judgement on it. The minis look cool, and the style of the game seems interesting to me. But I don’t know much about the game, so I want to give it a good look.

Image Source: Board Game Geek

Nine – Cloudspire – A big game from Chip Theory Games. This one I think I’m more interested to see than buy, but a cooperative exploration game with a modular board, that seems pretty cool. And the aesthetic with castles floating on rocks in the sky is very interesting. Their other games, Too Many Bones being the biggest, looks interesting, though not quite my style, and I’m curious to see how this one works compared to that.

Eight – Anomaly – A horror based board game, this one takes one versus all as some players take on the rolls of kids who are left to deal with this anomaly. There’s hidden movement as well, not just for the anomaly, but for the players as well, which I think adds an interesting twist into it. I always enjoy this type of game, one versus all, and the theme reminds me a bit of Not Alone, where you have astronauts on a crashed spaceship trying to avoid a monster and the planet killing them.

Seven – Slide Quest – Slide Quest looks like a fun and silly game where it’s like a marble puzzle, where you control which sides are higher and lower to get a knight to his goals and to deal with bad guys, but the twist is that it can be played with four players. In this game you can have one person controlling each lever that lowers or raises a side. This one I want to check it out, because it seems like it could be a silly game to play with smaller groups at a board game night, but I want to see it first, because it could be frustrating to some.

Six – The Grimm Masquerade – I found out about this one when they played it on the Dice Tower. The Grim Masquerade seems like an interesting social deduction game where you are playing as various Grimm Fairy Tale characters who are trying to collect three of the item that they need. But the other players are trying to figure out who you are under the mask, and can knock you out of the round by figuring out who you are or by giving you the item that you don’t want. It’s a social deduction game that has more to it, which is interesting to me.

Five – Arkham Noir Case #1 – This one is an odd one on the list, and while I’m not sure it’s an immediate purchase for me, it’s a game that has a player count of 1 to 1. So it’s a purely solo game, and it’s a game where you are trying to solve a mystery. I’m curious to see how this deck of cards is going to work, but the theme and aesthetic, which is very 1920’s noir, are interesting to me.

Four – Walking in Burano – You’re building up the beautiful Burano neighborhood of Venice. When you are building these houses though, you need to match colors and get various scoring cards to create the best looking and most popular neighborhood. Walking in Burano isn’t a big game, but it looks like a relaxing game to play.

Three – Choose Your Own Adventure: War with the Evil Power Master – The name is absurd (and absurdly long, hence forth known as Power Master), but that’s what I want in a CYOA game. And this game appears to have a bit more game to it than the CYOA: House of Danger did. It’s a fun group game where you aren’t doing the same boring party tropes, so I’m excited to get the next one.

Image Source: Board Game Geek

Two – Detective: City of Angels – This game is a big detective game, something that we’re seeing more of with Chronicles of Crime and Detective: A Modern Crime Story. But in Detective: City of Angels it’s competitive as players are leaning on possibly witnesses to see if the person running the game has lied to them, and other players can send in a snitch to spy on the conversation to help out with their investigation. Will you be able to solve the case faster than your the other detectives?

Image Source: Board Game Geek

One – Hats – This is actually a small game to start, but I like the simplicity of the game along with the game scoring. In this game you’re at the tea party with the Mad Hatter and you’re trying to have to the best scoring collection of hats. You do that by swapping out hats from the scoring track with one from your hand. So, while the game is simple, there seems to be a good amount of strategy to it, it reminds me some of Hanimkoji and Parade in that way.

What games are you looking forward to at GenCon?

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