GenCon Preview – Top 5 Expansions for Sale

GenCon Preview – Top 5 Expansions for Sale

I’m on the road to GenCon! So I’m writing this ahead of time, and I’m excited to be getting there. So disclaimer like before, I don’t know anything that Fantasy Flight might be talking about on their In Flight report. But what are the expansions that Board Game Geek has on their preview am I going to check out? Only five of these, because I some of them I don’t have the base game for.

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Five – Cloudspire – Chip Theory Games is also coming out with a couple of expansions for Cloudspire. The game looks cool, and maybe, if I get to demo it, it’s really awesome, I’ll grab the expansions for it as well, but I’d be curious to know what they add to the game, if it’s just more story, or if it adds something else to the game, like new actions or places to go to.

Four – Detective: City of Angels – Bullets over Hollywood – This one is an expansion to a game that I want to check out. If the game looks good and I get there fast enough to get it, I’m not going to rush, I might end up getting the expansion as well, but getting more cases and things to do in this Detective game, it seems interesting, especially since I don’t know how replayable the game is going to be after you’ve finished a case.

Three – Sword and Sorcery – I’m adding multiple ones here, like some of them higher on the list, because there is a whole new story arc to go through, but also there are a couple more characters, and while I might never play all the characters, I do kind of want them for my game. I’m excited to get this game either to Malts and Meeples, or possibly this will be the game I play with friends after I’m done with Gloomhaven.

Two – Sagrada: The Great Facades – Passion – First of the trilogy of new of expansions. This one seems fun, I really do like Sagrada and I need to get it back to the table. I don’t know that I need more for it, but having some new dice is interesting, having some new goals is cool, and having some different private objectives is really really cool. So I’m excited to get it added into my game.

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One – Welcome To… – So many expansions for this, but they are all interesting. You get different city maps that might be set in Halloween, or maybe now there are fallout shelters on the board. I definitely want to get a couple of these to add even more variability to the game. It’s a game that has worked well every time I get it to the table, and I think these expansions will keep at at the table for a long time.

Are there any expansions that you’re looking forward to coming out at GenCon? Any that I’ve missed, probably since I don’t have the base game?

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