GenCon – The Games

GenCon – The Games

Oh man, it’s a month away from GenCon and I want to talk about the games that are coming out. And there are a lot of them, but also so many that you can demo. In fact, right now you can go to Board Game Geek and find a massive GenCon games list. These are all games that are are new at this con or quite new anyways. As of July 2nd when I’m writing this, there are 433 games on that list which is crazy.

It’s kind of crazy to look at all of those games and this doesn’t include any RPG related stuff, gaming adjacent stuff, etc., these are just the games. So with that many games, plus panels and events, the odds of me getting to all of these games, there is now chance. So I wanted to talk about a couple of different things with the game count.

The first is super simple, set-up a budget, there are so many things that it would be possible to spend way too much. I have a budget of what I’m going to be able to spend on games. And I’ve been setting aside money basically the whole year for this, once I knew I was going, and I am sure there will be some things that seem kind of cool that I won’t get because I have a budget. Also, with budgeting go around and look, don’t just buy immediately, or use the Board Game Geek preview to help sort through what you might want to rush and get.

The other thing, and more important, that I just mentioned, is use the Board Game Geek list. The person I’m going with hadn’t looked at the list yet, and was surprised when he realized that there were 396 (at that time) new games to buy and demo. We’re actually going to hangout sometime so that we can go through the list and figure out what we really want to see and possibly demo.

That’s the big thing, demoing games is going to take time. While you can probably walk around and see almost everything or at least glance at almost everything, if you don’t look at the list, you’re going to have no idea what to demo or what you might want to track down early for demoing. You want to know where a game is going to be, and if you are willing to wait for a demo.

Image Source: Board Game Geek

So, how do you use the list?

First off, if you are interested in board games, I would highly recommend using Board Game Geek and set-up an account. It’s a great way to keep track of your collection. It also helps you find games based off of what you like and I will probably do an article on Board Game Geek later.

The reason for setting this up is that once you have it, you can use the “must have” and “interested” or “not interested” options. I tend to think the “undecided” option is a bit weird, that just means that I wouldn’t have marked anything, and I actually don’t use the “not interested” option either, but it could be useful. This allows you to easily see what you’re interested in, and in fact, you can download a list of everything that you’ve selected and how interested you are in them. But it doesn’t just give you that, it also tells you the publisher, the location, the price. That’s great, because, again, going back to budgeting because you can see how much you’re interested in, though not every “for sale” game has an MSRP.

For example, how I’ve used it, I have 60 titles on my list (I think it’s missing a couple of them). Of those, I have 4 must haves. Of those 4, 3 of them are for sale. I can see what their booths are, and of all of those, I know that one of them costs $25. That means that I have 56 games that I’m interested in. Of those, 14 are demo games, and 42 are games that will likely be for sale there. I can see that 6 of them are at one booth (all expansions to Welcome To…). I can also use that, for when I’m there, to sort out what booths are near each other to make a plan of attack for visiting things on different days or in a certain order.

Now, that’s just what I’m doing to make things easier for myself when I’m there. I do plan on just wandering around the dealer floor and seeing what is there. I would definitely miss stuff if I only used the list. However, the list is helpful and I feel like the budget is a must.

What games are you looking forward to at GenCon? Have you looked through or used the GeekPreview before from Board Game Geek?

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