The Freeze – First Impressions

The Freeze – First Impressions

I’ve been listening to the Daily Planet podcast lately, which is a fun podcast about nerdy things. They cover movies, comics, video games, television shows, all the nerdy things in a weekly podcast. And those things are fun, I really like the news at the start of the show, but also at the end of the episode they do a segment called “What going to be reading, what are you reading?” Or something along those lines. Recently one of them was talking about reading the comic book, Freeze.

The premise of the book sounded very interesting to me as it is a story. I don’t know that I would call it massively unique, but it’s a topic that is interesting to delve into. So I picked up the first volume and gave it a read, and I thought I’d do a review on that as well as some first impressions on it.

The idea behind Freeze is that randomly, one day, everyone in the world freezes, stops moving, but isn’t dead, just isn’t moving anymore. That is, except for one man, Ray. Not only that, but Ray has the power to unfreeze people by touching them, which he figures out by accident. However, he quickly finds out what sort of responsibility comes along with that.

Obviously, the landscape of the world changes a lot when something like everyone freezes, planes are fell out of the sky, there are a lot of accidents. You can still very much die when you freeze. However, that isn’t an aspect that they dwell on too much in the story. They focus more on the human side of things, like what it would be to be one of the people that Ray unfreezes, but also how the decisions are made as to who to unfreeze. While you could certainly go around unfreezing everyone you run across, which I think that a lot of people would be tempted to do, they realize that with the disaster that this is, that they need to slowly reintroduce people back into the world as the world can handle it, starting in there area.

That then brings up the question of if the people helping Ray actually have the best interest for the world. And who has the power to make the judgement as to who should be unfrozen. Those who are helping Ray talk about not unfreezing bad people, people have criminal records, people they believe to be doing something wrong in life, but are they actually making a true judgement on that? I think the book opens up a lot of interesting questions and does a pretty good job dealing with them.

Image Source: Image Comics

I will knock the first volume a little bit though. While I like the concept and while I like getting into the story or at least a brief first arc of the story, I think that Dan Wickline glosses too quickly over the fallout from the freeze. We get to see the freeze happen and a scene or two to really tell us how this is going to work and how big this is, but then we leap forward a few months or more, I forget exactly. I would have liked to see some more of the house keeping and the freaking out that happened with unfreezing people and them finding out what the world is like now, and how they were making their decisions.

Also, I think the storyline for the first arc, while it is well done, it a little bit predictable. I won’t go into details, but it’s kind of the low hanging fruit of the story where one character has a special power. I am fine getting the story out of way, but I’m hoping, if and when I pick up another volume of the trade paper back (tpb) for Freeze, that the story has a bit more depth.

Finally, I will say that it reminds me some of The Walking Dead. Now, you don’t have the threat of the “walkers” like you do in that series, but it’s a series about a disaster that isn’t so much about surviving the disaster, but is more about the human element of dealing and coping as survivors. That’s another reason that I wish the story hadn’t jumped ahead like it did, you feel like you end up missing some of that information, which is a real shame.

Overall, I liked the book, and I think that I’ll likely get another volume and see how that tpb holds up. It’s a very interesting concept that has a lot of things to explore which I enjoy. I suspect that it’s going to become more and more intense as more people are unfrozen and the challenges that come from that.

If you’ve read this comic run, what do I think of it? Does the premise sound interesting to you?