Malts and Meeples – Pandemic Legacy Season 1 – Finale

Malts and Meeples – Pandemic Legacy Season 1 – Finale

After an exciting run of games, I am wrapping up Pandemic Legacy Season 1. See how it all ends and find out how well I did in the game.

Pandemic Legacy is a Cooperative board game that I’m playing as a solo game where you try and cure diseases that are ravaging the earth. But we play a team from the CDC who are trying to stop it. Was I able to stop it all in time or did the diseases get the better of me? You can find out more about Pandemic Legacy Season 1 on Board Game Geek HERE.

I, of course, also had a beer. This was Phosphorescent by Freethought brewing out of New York. I was not a huge fan of this beer. For a Pale Ale, the beer was quite sweet and didn’t have a hop profile to go up against it.

Join me next time as I take on a new game. I might do a few non-campaign games, Welcome To…, Criss Cross, and The Reckoners before I jump into a bigger game. I am also thinking about making the move to Twitch, but more on that when it comes up. The videos will still be uploaded to Youtube, just not streamed there.

Bottoms up.