Eating Nerdy: Ice Cool

Eating Nerdy: Ice Cool

Oh boy, it’s been a long time since I did one of these, but they were fun to write before, and I wanted to get back into it. The idea of the “Eating Nerdy” articles is to talk about how you can pair foods and drinks with the nerdy things you like to make it a themed event.

Today’s game that we’re theming food around is Ice Cool and Ice Cool 2. The games are basically the same, but Ice Cool is a four player dexterity game where you are flicking penguins around a school. Some trying to catch truant penguins, and those students trying to just get a snack of fish.

The Drink
I thought about doing a Bloody Mary with fish sauce, but that doesn’t actually seem to fit all that well. Instead, we’re going to save the fish for later and go with hot chocolate. That’s the drink of choice when you’re a cold penguin on a cold winter night, and if you are old enough, you can spice it up with Baileys or Kahlua or whiskey.

The Appetizers
We’re going back to the fishy theme here. I’m going to recommend that we go with some fried calamari. It’s easy for finger food so it’d be easy to eat while playing a round of Ice Cool. And you can get them frozen and they are fine, so it’s easy to get them to the table without much prep work.

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Main Course
Sushi is going to be my choice for the main course. We got something fried to start, then we’re going with something a little bit fresher. Again, it’s a good finger food, if you want, so you can continue to play throughout. Otherwise, set the game aside and add to your party by rolling your own sushi which can be a great group activity. You’re keeping with the fishy theme, and you can eat your fried calamari while doing this as well. I probably would save the hot chocolate though for later.

For dessert, I’m going to suggest we go away from anything fishy again. Instead, make black bottom cup cakes and make little penguins out of them. To do that, make a chocolate cup cake, but before you bake them, you put a dollop of cream cheese with chocolate chips into the middle of them. That sinks down into the batter as it cooks and leave a white center. You could then cut them in half and frost the top to look like a penguin head, so you’d have a dark cake, built up frosting to look like the head, and then the cream cheese in the middle would be lighter to look like a penguin’s stomach. This would be the ideal time to break out the hot chocolate as well.

I’m sure there are other fun and fishy food ideas. You can definitely use things like Swedish Fish and Gold Fish crackers to add in as snacks if you don’t want to go all out for a meal.

Let me know what your ideas are in the comments. Would you want to eat the themed foods for Ice Cool?

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