My Top 100 Games – The Full List

My Top 100 Games – The Full List

No, I’m not putting the whole thing in one single article, I’m sharing the links to the whole thing in one article. It would be way too long if it was all the text. So many games, with so much to say about them and so much to love about them.

To kind of explain the process, which is said at the top of each article. These are my top 100 board games, in my favorite board games. I realize that there are flaws with some of them, but I still love them anyways. If you want to know more about my taste in board games, I wrote an article on that which you can find here.

Getting this list was me ranking games on Board Game Geek and then pulling those into Pub Meeple where it does a comparison based ranking that will end up with you sorting all your games. That’s what I used to create my list, so thanks to both of them for creating those different tools that I can use. Otherwise, creating a top 100 games list probably would be impossible. I also know that I probably have a game to add to the list that I’ve played since I did my sorting. It’s going to be a list that I do every year, and while there might not be massive change, I know that there will be new games that are added all the time.

So, without any more text, here are my articles for Top 100 games:


That’ll be a little bit of light reading for you to go through. I just wanted to make it easier, because you can certainly search them all down, but as reader, I’d prefer to have an article where I can grab them all easily.

Thanks for being with me on this ride. I had a ton of fun writing these articles, and I’ll be curious to see how things shift next year. Let me know in the comments on on Twitter/Facebook what you think of the list. Are there any games that I should try based off of what I like? Are there any games that you want to try? What is your favorite board game?

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