You, Me, and NPC – Weasel Bob

You, Me, and NPC – Weasel Bob

We’re back with the next round of how to build an NPC with Weasel Bob. Last time we figured out his motivations. The next thing is going to be more of the look and feel of Weasel Bob. How squishy is he?

Or maybe by that, I mean, what race is Weasel Bob, how tall, what body type, does he have any distinctive physical features? Does he have any unique mannerisms. Now, these are things that I said in my first article about NPC’s that can be come up with on the fly for role playing the NPC in the moment if the players want it. But it’s also something that you can plan for if you know you have an NPC that you want to be important, like Weasel Bob.

Weasel Bob is going to be a fairly unique character, we’ve already gotten that he’s motivated with money and likes to have unique items. But he himself tries not to stand out. He spends his money on food, but that’s about it, and as a gnome, he’s a smaller person with a pot belly. So that also helps me know that he’s going to move slowly. He also has grey hair, so Weasel Bob has been around for a while.

His clothes are generally brown or grey, probably because that’s the color they were originally, not because they are dirty, but it’s hard to tell, because whenever you come in, he’s always dusting or sweeping. His store might be spotless, but he is not. That also means that he’s fairly particular about the people in his shop, and while he won’t openly say anything about anyone who is too dirty, he’ll pay more attention to them than if the person looks like they are neatly dressed.

But what most people notice as unique about him, is that his beard is long and braided in a Dwarven fashion, and that he speaks with a bit of a Dwarven accent. Though, you speak to everyone in the town, and he’s been around there for a long time, at some point in time before he must have been around Dwarves more then a mixture of races. But no one really knows, because he won’t talk about it, or talk about his life or anything all that much, but he loves to listen to stories about the items that he’s getting in. Those stories he’ll remember well and then pass along as he tries to sell an item, but ask him how his day is going, and you’ll just get a grunt in response.

So we’ll wrap up Weasel Bob next week, talking about family or relationships. This might not be information that the players get about Weasel Bob at first, but it is something that you can leverage later on if you plan it out now.

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