2020 Other Nerdy Things – What I’m Waiting For

2020 Other Nerdy Things – What I’m Waiting For

So, I thought about doing books, anime, manga, comics, or many other things split off into their own. But, I don’t know that I could do a full list, I just don’t keep up on them as much, so let’s talk about things that I kind of expect to see or might be a bit more general.

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GenCon 2020 – I don’t know for sure that I can go yet, because it’s not that cheap, but it’s one of those things, that after being there once, I want to make it a priority for myself. I had so much fun in 2019, and it’s something where I can stay on the pulse of board games. There are other conventions like Essen Spiel that would be awesome to go as well, but that would be even trickier to make it, so GenCon, I hope to come back next year.

The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes – It’s Panem, and I’m interested in going back there to see what it’s like 64 years before. Now, it’s not high on my reading list, that’ll be the next book that shows up, but I’m curious. I enjoyed the book series, and I saw one of the movies, but I enjoyed it and thought it was quite interesting, so how has it gone to hell again?

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Peace Talks – Here’s by far my most anticipated book, probably ever. There was one of the Stormlight Arhives books was up there, but a new Dresden Files book, I am ready. I’m so ready for this story, the epic story that Jim Butcher has crafted thus far has been great and I really want more of it. It’s just so interesting and well crafted at this point.

Psyonics – This one is D&D related, I don’t know what form it will take, but I think that we’ll get some sort of book that gives us some more class options and one of those things will be psionics. What I don’t know, since there have been two different ways of handling it in the D&D playtest material, will it be its own class or will it be options for other classes? Either way, since I’ve only played fifth edition, I haven’t played with psionics before, so I’m curious.

The Royal Rumble – Yes, I am a wrestling fan. It’s soap opera and I don’t care. And the premiere pay-per-view, for me is the Royal Rumble and it’s not even close. I think the WWE might see Wrestlemania as the biggest thing, but the rumble is the most entertaining. There are generally surprise entrants or returns for the rumble and there are a few I could see happening this year. So I can put this on my general list for every year, but I’m always excited for it.

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Xbox/Playstation New Consoles – So, I just got a Playstation 4. And soon that’ll be an old system, but I can play two games that I’ve really wanted to play now, so that’s all good by me. With that, there are new consoles coming out and they don’t go under the video game category. I’m excited for them, because I want to know how much better they are, and then with that, I’ll get them in 2022 most likely.

The NFL Draft – Another not so normal thing, but I geek out over the NFL draft, I’ve been on a forum for 12-13 years now about the NFL draft. I moderate the section about mock drafts. It’s something that I like every year, because it’s something where every team gets better, so people feel pretty good coming out of it, but it’s also interesting to see who might make an impact. Not the normal thing that I write about, but it’s 100% something that I nerd out about every year.

I’m sure I’m missing something from this list. I don’t know enough about the animes that are coming out to make an informed comment on them, especially with my self imposed rule of it having to be new. But there are a lot of second seasons that I want to check out.

Are there some things, cons, books, anime or otherwise that you are already looking forward to?

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