Top 5 Video Games – 2019 Edition

Top 5 Video Games – 2019 Edition

For the past couple of years, I’ve gone through and talked about my top fives in a bunch of different categories at the end of the year. No different this year as I look back at what I’ve read/watched/played, and come up with my 2019 Top 5 lists.

I’m kicking it off with video games, now, these don’t have to be games that I played in 2019 or are from the year 2019, but just games that I really enjoy.

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5 – Diablo III
Now, I played this when it came out, and it was basically unplayable. Things were horribly out of balance and they were changing it up seemingly every couple of days to try and balance things out, so you could play one session and things would be nerfed, and then the next session your character would feel OP, if you weren’t playing every day. They have fixed that and now everything is more stable, and I’ve had a lot of fun in this hack and slash or magic loot based game. It’s a pretty fast game once you get into it as you can just run around and destroy, especially when not playing on a high level.

4 – Tales from the Borderlands
The first of two Borderlands titles, this is not the classic looter shooter style of the other ones, but a story based choose your own adventure type of game. The plot is fun and funny as it matches up with the humor from the looter shooters. The choices that you have to make are interesting, and I’ve played through it twice, which isn’t that common for a video game. The whole game plays fast, though, and for that reason I was able to get it back to the Xbox. And, even with that, I feel like there are branches of the story that I haven’t really explored yet, which makes me interested in going back to it.

3 – Myst
This game I haven’t played in a long time. Maybe I’ll stream a playthrough of it on the Malts and Meeples Twitch channel as I have it for Steam. But I really loved it growing up, and I have fond memories playing it with my siblings and cousins as kids trying to figure out all of the puzzles. I don’t remember a ton of the story of the game or anything about the puzzles, but I remember how interesting the world was and how difficult some of the puzzles could be. It’s a classic game that sticks out in my mind and probably helps me love of puzzles in general.

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2 – Borderlands 2
The best Borderlands thus far, I haven’t played through all of 3 yet, Borderlands 2 is just a fun and silly looter shooter. Every time they release a new Borderlands game, it’s always about what insane guns you have and can use. And there is a plot as well, which is generally quite good, which it definitely is in Borderlands 2. I also like the level of character customization in this game with the skill trees. A fairly open world game, but it does a solid job of keeping you on track.

1 – Dragon Age: Origins
This game has been high on my list for a while and one of the few games that I’ve completed multiple times. It’s open enough to give me interesting choices, but focused enough to keep me from feeling like there is too much to do. I like the story and while it is pretty straight forward, it always feels like there is a lot to do in the game. I also really like the dialogue and humor in the game.

I almost did a top ten, but since it’s been the top 5 for a couple of years now, I kept it that way, that, of course, means that we’re going to get some honorable mentions:

Dragon Age 2
Borderlands Pre-Sequel
Heroes of Might and Magic
Mario Kart (Switch/Wii)
Alpha Centauri
Need for Speed

What are some of your favorite video games of all time? Any crossover with me, or do you prefer a different genre of video game than some of my preferred?

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