10 Minute Marvel Episode 27: Morbius and Spider-Man

10 Minute Marvel Episode 27: Morbius and Spider-Man

There’s a chunk of news to start off, first we’re getting some new Black Widow footage, but that was airing after I recorded the episode, so go track it down now. Instead, the news focuses on a Marvel movie, but not one in the MCU, instead the trailer for Morbius from Sony has released, and then I talk about a rumor that has been debunked for the Disney+ Hawkeye show.

The main topic for the show is the 1990’s Spider-Man animated show. This is a show that I loved watching as a child, even without having TV, whenever we were at someone’s place, I hoped that I’d be able to catch an episode, and I did a pretty good job of catching a lot of them. In particular, I talk about a memorable arc for me as it was one of the first super hero team-ups that I saw.

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