Back of Brick – Marvel United

Back of Brick – Marvel United

New Series of articles, I’ll explain how it works as I go along:

CMON Kickstarter Marvel United

Is this big Kickstarter a Back or a Brick for you?
(What does this mean, basically, would you back this or is it a pass?)

First, I’m going to break down the pros and cons of the project.


  • The theme is Marvel and I love Marvel
  • The game is cooperative
  • CMON is a big company and it’ll get made
  • Game play is simple looking
  • Game looks like it plays in a reasonable time
  • You get a ton of characters with it
  • The retail version will pale in comparison to the Kickstarter version
  • Reasonable price for base game


  • CMON has a backlog of games to produce first so it won’t come for a while
  • Too much PLASTIC
  • Game play might be too simple
  • FOMO for the add-on, Thanos add on that is Kickstarter exclusive
  • FOMO of Kickstarter exclusives
  • Possible limited variety in the game
  • Shipping costs might be higher

Thoughts on Campaign Page
It’s CMON, this is a well put together campaign with a ton of worry about FOMO for it because there are so many stretch goals being unlocked that are going to be Kickstarter exclusive. This is a downside to the campaign because, I don’t like to feel like I’m backing based out of FOMO.

But, with that said, they do a good job of laying out how the game works and the fact that they do that and they give you a rules book that you can look at means that you know what you’re going to be getting with the game. I feel like the game makes sense in terms of it being a family weight feeling game, which is something that intrigues me. It means that I’ll be able to get it to the table with more people, which is always nice.

Right now, I’m going to wait until it’s later in the campaign to make up my mind. How much is going to be unlocked, how much is going to be Kickstarter exclusive, and how much is going to be add-ons. I’m leaning towards Back because I love Marvel and because it’s cooperative, though.

What is this for you, a back or a brick (meaning pass because alliteration)?

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