Back or Brick: Down to Hell

Back or Brick: Down to Hell

According to the Kickstarter page, Down to Hell is a faithful reproduction of hack and slash video games put into board game form.


  • It’s not just standees, so they aren’t trying to make $2 million just on that
  • Skill tree
  • Feels like Diablo the board game
  • Scenario based


  • Cooperative and competitive
  • Claims to have new mechanics
  • Feels like Diablo the board game

Thoughts on the Page
For a first time Kickstarter company, they are doing a good job of laying out the page in a way that makes sense. fairly often being a first time company is a red flag for me, but they’ve clearly put time into doing this and have made it looked polished and professional. That’s why I didn’t put the first time company as either a pro or a con, because they seem like they know Kickstarter fairly well. And they’ve clearly planned it out well in terms of what they can afford and by not making everything minis shows good restraint on their behalf.

However, I do want to address some issues that I see with how they present the game. First, this is clearly a Diablo ripoff, and that’s fine, if they make it unique enough. But I feel like they haven’t, not just from Diablo, but from board games like Gloomhaven and others as well. Nothing I read through remotely suggests that they have new mechanics in the game and that’s a problem. It makes me wonder how much they’ve played board games or if they are video game fans who wanted to try and make a video game a board game.

Back or Brick
For me, this is a brick. I think the concept of the game sounds interesting, but I am very worried about it being derivative of a number of games both board and video. And a claim that it has new mechanics, that makes me worried that they’ve played maybe 10-15 different games, few of them dungeon crawlers and so they think they’re doing something really new, when in reality they are doing something that is going to feel old. Now, I don’t want to assume to much, but that was the feel of the game for me, it could be good, but this screams of a risky back to me, not of it coming out, but that you’re going to end up with a good and balanced game that doesn’t feel like it’s been done a ton before and better.

Is this a game that you’d back or is it a brick?

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