Frosthaven – Rolling Solo Preview

Frosthaven – Rolling Solo Preview

One of the YouTube Channels that I follow, Rolling Solo, is doing a Kickstarter preview for Frosthaven. He’s doing a bigger preview but starting with the component overview. I’m not going to share all of his videos, but definitely worth checking out.

I’m glad I had something to talk about because we have to wait an extra week for it to come out to Kickstarter

I’ll do highlights, but it’s very visual so it’s worth checking out.

  • The map looks amazing. The artwork is beautiful for it.
  • We have Radiant Forest, Frozen Pass, Imperial Mountains, Frosthaven, Coppernet Mountains, Whitefire Woode, Crystal Fields are areas
  • A-R and 1-12 Grid (216 squares)
  • He talks about 1 per square in terms of adventures, but Gloomhaven didn’t do that, so I don’t think it’ll have that many more scenarios
  • So many buildings in the outpost
  • 10 buildings already built, probably another 30 or so that aren’t built
  • The outpost artwork is amazing as well, feels like it’s somewhat a Norse and Celtic feel to it
  • Characters look great, smallest handsize is 7, which is the Geminite, but it’s two hands of 7, otherwise 10.
  • Lowest health is 14 for Deathwalker and Necromancer
  • Minis are definitely prototype level, but the sculpts are pretty well polished in terms of general sculpt
  • Monsters look the same in terms of the monster card
  • Ruined Machine stands out as an interesting character and different
  • Punch boards for lands, overlays, and monsters look similar to Gloomhaven
  • Looks like a ship location
  • Detail is definitely higher than the previous punch boards
  • Fairly limited in terms of tiles, but enough to get a good idea
  • Have character cards, monster cards, but most interestingly a few loot cards to look at
  • In the demo stuff that was sent out, a lot of the monsters are using elemental
  • Monster cards are fairly limited, I expect more diversity possibly later
  • Loot cards can give you single, two, three, or five coins
  • Loot cards will be in a created 20 card deck per scenario
  • Loot cards can be herbs and other building supplies
  • Art on the loot cards is solid, but not as good as the updated art on the tiles
  • Shows Level 1 and Level X cards for each character
  • Necromancer can get a lot of shambling skeletons out there
  • Focused on getting your summons to attack for the Necromancer
  • Geminate has a new symbol on it
  • Geminate uses a lot of elements
  • Geminate has a state, so ranged or close combat and the new symbol lets you know when you can switch
  • Banner Spear is a little more straight forward from the look
  • Blink Blade has interesting combo of faster speeds and slower speeds
  • Really interesting how the slow and fast works ,including details for it
  • Deathwalker has a Shadow keyword
  • Shadows seem like they can move
  • Deathwalker can teleport
  • Shadow seems like it might work somewhat similar to the voids from the Forgotten Circles expansion

There’s a bunch to pull out of here but not a ton that is massively new, but we will get to see a bit of a playthrough of how it works coming up. There are more previews as well from the likes of Quackalope Games, and I believe that Tantrum House is going to have a preview as well. If you’re on the fence, this will certainly be a spot to check it out.

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