Back of Brick: Veilwraith

Back of Brick: Veilwraith

It’s Wednesday, that means we’re heading back to Kickstarter for another Back or Brick. This weeks game Veilwraith by Hall or Nothing.

Pros and cons time as we checkout this solo gaming experience.


  • Plays solo
  • Established company for Kickstarter projects
  • Interesting art/black and white aesthetic
  • Interesting idea with it being after the end of the world


  • Only plays solo (base box)
  • Plays multiplayer if you have multiple copies of the game
  • Doesn’t pop on the table
  • Fantasy theme/monsters looks a bit basic

The Page
I think that, because they’re an established company for using Kickstarter, they’ve done a decent job with it. The black and white aesthetic feels like it should be more striking than it is, though. I think the look, unfortunately, causes it to look a bit muddied and washed out versus having a stronger and cleaner look to the page, and that doesn’t help sell it or the aesthetic of the page.

With that said, Hall or Nothing is an established company and a company that targets solo gaming experiences. So I think that they’ve done a solid job of that, though in some ways, I wish they had just kept it purely solo. Because you can play multiple players with multiple copies of the base game, it seems like it’s one of those things that could have and probably should have been done in the base box or not at all. Now I have to judge it not only if I think it’s worth getting solo, but is there someone else who would get a copy or do I get two copies so I can play it with others if I want.

Back or Brick
For me, this is a brick. I’ve expressed my concern about it being solo only or multiplayer with multiple copies, and for me that’s what kind of did it in. if it was just a solo game and sitting at $30 USD for what you get, I’d be more interested in it, but for a purely solo game, because I’m not spending $76 to make it 2 player, it’s too steep a price tag for me. Plus, while the theme sounds like it should standout and be interesting, the whole idea of it being after the worlds end and all color being sucked out seems to be more of an aesthetic choice versus leaning heavily into the game play and the actual artwork, it seems more like they had some black and white art around and wanted to use it up. With all of that said, I just don’t think it’s the right one for me, but it might be for you, they are an established company, so I’m not worried about the game delivering or even being a poor game, but the combination of the price and theme is just a miss for me.

How about for you, is this game a back for you or is it a brick?

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