Back or Brick – Black Cat RPG – Hard Enamel Pins

Back or Brick – Black Cat RPG – Hard Enamel Pins

Alright, this might be board game adjacent, but they are just so cute. And if you are playing a Tabaxi in D&D 5e, you can most certainly use one of these. It’s a fun RPG accessory item, let’s look at pros and cons.


  • Reasonably priced
  • They look adorable
  • Previous successfully funded and fulfilled projects


  • Timeline seems a bit short, but again, they’ve had success delivering on others

Thoughts on The Page
They do a good job of laying it out and giving some backstory for it. Since there isn’t a need for rules or anything like that, it makes it easier to keep track of and the information doesn’t have to be in depth.

One thing that I will say, because this is a smaller campaign, the creator of it is very responsive in the comments section which is’t something you always see because, unlike CMON, small companies like this likely have full time jobs and other responsibilities, whereas CMON can have dedicated workers for being in the comments and doing updates during the campaign.

Back or Brick?
For me, this was a brick, but I sent it to Kristen, because I knew that she’d love them, and for her it was a back, so for our household, it was a back. I also shared with them other people and they were a back for them as well. They are adorable, being able to get one for your D&D character is awesome, and the fact that there’s previous success is great.

So how about for you, would you back this Kickstarter, or is it a Brick for you?

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