Back or Brick: Frosthaven

Back or Brick: Frosthaven

I’m not going to even start out pretending, this was an instant back for me, and considering it’s almost 24 hours in and at 5 million, it was a back for a lot of people. Now, it’s a fairly expensive back, so let me go through a few pros and cons.


  • Massive campaign
  • Pedigree of game, Gloomhaven which it’s based on is #1 on Board Game Geek
  • RPG Lite/Like game
  • Legacy Style game (but can be replayed)


  • Massive campaign game
  • Cost or game/all in
  • Shipping

Thoughts on the Campaign
So, let me start out by saying that this is a bit different campaign than some others that you’ll see. Yes, a big campaign style game is pretty normal for Kickstarter at this point in time, but Frosthaven is different in that it’s based off of a previous game, so it has some pedigree that a lot of them don’t, but beyond that with how Cephalofair Games runs their campaign is different. It’s not a plethora of minis, it’s not a ton of stretch goals, it’s not extremely vague on it’s shipping, it makes all of that clear. For some people that’s a detriment because you know a whole lot more what the cost is going to be going into it, so you know that you’re going to be putting down an extra $40-50 for shipping for everything and adding that to a $240 price tag is a lot, but it’s also more honest than most. With backing the 2nd printing of Gloomhaven, I can see why it would be a surprise, but shipping was also subsidized by previous sales of the game in that campaign where as this is a first printing of Frosthaven, besides that little thing, this is a very nicely and professionally done page.

Back or Brick
Back. For me it’s as simple as that, even if I wasn’t done with Gloomhaven having beat main quest of the base game and over half way done with Forgotten Circles the expansion, I’d still back this game. I like Gloomhaven that much, it’s #1 on Board Game Geek and my #1 game as well when I did my top 100 last year. I know that even if it’s delayed slightly, it’ll come out and it’s going to be a good project and a good game. I personally think that the insert is going to be worth it so the extra cost to get the extra things like metal coins, the Foreteller app, removeable sticker pack, to get the insert is going to be worth it. But if you’re just jumping in, you can grab Gloomhaven as well in the campaign as just an add-on or you could just just straight into Frosthaven, and you don’t need to get it all, you can just start out with the base game and call it good.

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