Back or Brick: Tales From the Loop

Back or Brick: Tales From the Loop

This game made it on my radar because of the fact it’s based off of a pencil and paper RPG, let’s checkout Tales From the Loop.

Let’s get into the pros and cons.


  • Cooperative
  • Based off of a successful RPG
  • Previous fulfilled kickstarters from the company
  • Alternate timeline


  • Art is just okay, in my opinion, doesn’t seem fully consistent
  • Game Play Information is lacking

Thoughts on the Page
So, you’re making a board game, what’s the #1 thing that you should explain on the page, how the game works. If this is a dry euro game, I might not be happy, if this is a dice chucking ameritrash game, I might not be happy. We get none of that on this page. The page is missing some images for stretch goals or something that differentiate them, too much text, and somehow in all that text, I don’t really feel like I understand the game.

Also, consistency in artwork is important. The cover artwork for the RPG is just beautiful. It has that Scythe like quality to it, and Scythe is considered to be one of the prettiest games out there. You get transported into this alternate past of the 80’s, but when you look at the game itself, it just doesn’t seem nearly as polished. It seems like it had a different art direction, which is disappointing.

Back or Brick
This is a Brick for me as much as I want it to be a back. An alternate version of the 80’s with a kids on bikes feel to the game, that sounds awesome. But, I don’t know what the game is, is it going to be a crunchy game, is it going to be story driven. Are the scenarios going to be all that replayable or are they going to be one offs, I just don’t know. Half way down or so we have a print and play and some videos, but that’s not how I want my information, I’m not going sit down and watch a video, or two, to see how the game is set-up and how the game phases work. It feels like this was something that might have been put together in a rush because of the Amazon show coming out and hoping to capitalize on that and increase the brand awareness for the RPG.

So how about for you, is this game a back or is it a brick?

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