Back or Brick – They Live: Assault on Cable 54

Back or Brick – They Live: Assault on Cable 54

I’m ashamed, I forgot to do this yesterday, but Back or Brick is back today as we look at the board game based off of the 1980’s film They Live from John Carpenter and starring Roddy Piper (professional wrestler) and Keith David (The Thing, Armageddon, and more). But let’s look at the Kickstarter.


  • It’s based off of They Live
  • Story Driven
  • Slight Battlestar Galactica/Dead of Winter vibe
  • Hoffman Glasses


  • First Kickstarter for the company
  • 4-6 player count (1-3 blind mode)
  • Hidden Role Game
  • Seems to heavily rely on glasses gimmick
  • Random character story discovery

Thoughts on the Page

I really think this is a well laid out page. They have done a very good job of explaining the game play and how the game is going to work. In fact, they really don’t spend much of any time on bling for the game, which is impressive. It’s down further on the page, some add-ons that you can get, but they didn’t turn this into a minis fest which is nice.

They also really have their bases covered. For being a new company to Kickstarter, I won’t say new company, they’ve done a good job of laying everything out and they have shipping, stretch goals, and interesting but non-game play essential add-ons.

Back or Brick
This one is tough for me, I have enjoyed my play of BSG (Battlestar Galactica) and I like Dead of Winter and own a lot of it. That said, the PVP aspect of this and the gimmick of the glasses have me concerned. I like the IP a lot, but it feels, even though they’ve laid out the game well, it might feel derivative of the two games above and just have the Hoffman Glasses as a gimmick or bigger part of the game than they really feel like they should be. For me this is a Brick, but it’s really really close and I think I’d probably enjoy the game if I were able to try it. The player count is also a concern for me, 4-6 players is a high player count and a blind player seems like it’d break the game some.

Is this a Back or Brick for you?

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