Back or Brick: Minigolf Designer

Back or Brick: Minigolf Designer

Take to the tiniest of links in this table top game as you build your own mini golf course. Will you get a hole in one with your course or will you end up of course somewhere.


  • Theme
  • Community Involvement
  • Components seem quality
  • Courses look good put together


  • First time company
  • So many little bits
  • Art on cards is poor

The Page

You can tell that this is a new company and a new company to kickstarter with this page. The images are lacking at times to break up the text. They also have a lot of images of courses from the community involvement part of the page, but it’s towards the top of the page. That should be showing off components and game play that high, and then you get down to shipping and stretch goals, not stretch goals first.

Also, the artwork is inconsistent. When you look at the course artwork itself, I actually think that looks really good. That has the right feel to me for a game like this, but then the people in the cards, that artwork doesn’t look like they’ve had the same person do it or that it’s the same quality level. And the same with all the little bits, I think that some of them are not the same quality and there are so many of them.

Back or Brick

For me this is a brick, which is a shame, because I wanted it to be a back, but there are just some things that worry me. First, all of the pieces in the game, there are so many of them, it makes it feel like what should be a fun and fast game could be overly complicated and probably overly long because of that.

I really like the game, and I think some sort of tetromino sort of game where you’re placing different holes on the courses would be great. And then score based off of what’s on the course, different levels of difficulty or whom you’re making it for, for scoring, would be great. But this just feels like it’s way to busy, and too complicated.

How about for you, is this a game that the theme looks interesting? Is it a brick or back for you?

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